Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend= FUN in the SUN!!

What an awesome weekend! It was SO gorgeous outside and we enjoyed every minute of it:) Isaac had a fabulous time enjoying his first weekend spent outdoors and discovering all kinds of new stuff!

On SATURDAY we decided to just spend it all at home...and how nice it was to not have to worry about going anywhere for once:) We just did what we wanted to do around the house! Brock spent a lot of quality time with Isaac that day while I busied with the yard work to get it ready for its June open house. So I did the mowing, weeding, planting and mulching! Whew! It wore me out but all I wanted was to be outside and I got it:)

Here's what Brock and Isaac did....
He got a new Turtle Sandbox and toys for his 1st bday from Uncle Bub(aka Brock's bro, Brandon) and Aunt Brooke (thanks guys!) So he tried it out and LOVED it!

Here's the wonderful turtle sandbox..with not-so-dry sand in it! :/

Isaac checking it out and seeing what all this is about!...

Guess he didn't think it was all that great from the outside so he just sat right in it!

Getting plenty dirty!...Oh yeah! (He even managed to get a couple of taste tests of the sand...yuck!)

SUNDAY was such an awesome day! My best gal, Jess, came to visit! She is originally from Chicago and we met @ Purdue my Soph. year while working @ Texas Roadhouse...good times:) We spent an unforgettable spring break together with some of our girls and she was also in my wedding almost 3 years ago...and I get to be in hers in November!! SO excited for that! I can't say enough about Jess...she is so great and I'm SO glad she was able to come see Isaac again! She hadn't seen him since he was a newborn so it was cool! And she brought along her wonderful fiance, Mike who is also just wonderful!

So they came from Rochester that morning, where Mike is from, and joined us for church. Then we came back to our house and grilled out for lunch and just spent the afternoon enjoying each other's company. It was so relaxing:)

Jess, Isaac & me

Jess & Isaac

After they had to leave we went on over to my parent's to spend time with that side of the fam. And the crazy Wogoman cousins always have a silly time together! Isaac experienced his first scrape
on his knee and big toe after having a spill in the driveway...ouch! It didn't even phase the kid though-he didn't even cry! Then they had a campfire and made s'mores:)

Here is Isaac laying down and my adorable nephew, Lincoln! This kid is SO funny! What a personality he has already!

All 4 of the kiddos getting ready for their baths and bedtime! (Isaac (1), Ky(1 1/2), Lincoln(7 mo.)& Brady(3)) And to think we'll be adding THREE more babies to this bunch in Sept. & Oct.! YIKES!!

MONDAY (Memorial Day) we started out going to the parade on Mainstreet. Brock's 2 brothers carried the flags for the VFW Post, so they started @ the beginning of the pack. They had to have been exhausted! They had to stay all serious and couldn't even wave or anything!

Here is the gang, Brooke and her new baby girl, Izzy...Brock's nephew, Cody and niece, Kaitlyn waving their flags!

And here's Isaac watching all of the loud firetrucks go by!

After the parade we spent the rest of the day @ Brock's parent's in the POOL! What a perfect day for it! It was Isaac's first time getting in this year and a lot more fun compared to last summer! At first he did not enjoy it so much! I had to carry him around quite a bit to get him used to it...

Then before we knew it he was loving it and Daddy was throwing him up and down in the water:)

He took him around on a noodle thing for a while and he just splashed around like crazy! It wore him out pretty good! But I'm so glad he started liking the pool to start the summer!

So the fun filled weekend is all over and ready to start up another week. Brock is finishing up school this week!! Yay! Only 4 more days for him! So that will be nice for him to wrap up another school year:)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial weekend!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"OUCH!" :(

So Isaac got his 1-year shots today...not so fun! He had 4 total...Ouchie! One on each arm and 2 on his left leg. One of them was for chicken pox and all that fun stuff. He was a MAD hatter when it happened, let me tell ya! I've never seen so many tears come from this kid!

Here is a shot of all the war wounds:) A band-aide on each arm and one on the leg...But he was all better once he had some cheerios...

...and when Mommy rewarded him with a Shrek movie:) Wonderful parenting, huh?!

So far with vaccines we've been very fortunate of no reactions or high fevers, so please pray that continues to not happen for Isaac! :)

Monday, May 19, 2008


So the big birthday event(s) happened this past weekend. It was nothing but parties! Glad I won't be doing 2 of those anymore! We did 2 for the simple reason that both my side and Brock's side is huge when you invite the aunts and uncles and all that good stuff. So we're only doing that for year #1! Saturday evening we threw his first bash at Mama and Papa Maust's house.

Here's Isaac sitting on top of his present...which was a castle/slide playset-very cool!
Align CenterDaddy and his boy in front of his bday sign
Me and bubba behind his decorated table....
And his 1st cake! I got such an awesome deal on these since these are are the cakes Isaac "tears into". And they were so cute! I got 2 of these #1 cakes and 18 cupcakes for only $ joke! This gal did so awesome!
Gift opening...he really looks like he knows what he's doing:)
Probably his favorite fun gift....a Kawasaki 4-wheeler! SO cool! Thanks Uncle Shane!
Cake eating....went very well (both times!) He eats it so dainty and pretty much sucks the icing off his fingers:) Him sitting there doing that pretty much sedated the kid-he loved it!
The end result...when he was done he was done!
Sunday morning....and already sitting on the 4-wheeler!
Party #2 @ Grandma and Papa Wogoman's...the high chair and gift table.....
The table set up...we had shish-ka-bobs and cheesy potatoes(probably one of my favorite meals! Yum!)
The birthday boy and his Elmo shirt:) Said "My 1st Birthday"on it
Trying cake for the 2nd day in a row and yep, still liked it!
My typical son, watching Nemo during his own birthday party! ha ha! The kid loves movies:)

So that was our fun filled party weekend...and I'm so glad it's over! But it was lots of fun with many fun memories! We were so blessed with all the family and friends that came. Thank you all so much for the great gifts! It was way more than deserved:)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday, Isaac!

So today is the big exacly 8:25 AM this morning my little bubba turned ONE! Wow...I just can't believe it! I'm doin' alright with it though-no tears yet! haha! So for his big birthday we went and got his pictures taken, and trust me, this was NOT Isaac's big idea of fun! I think I owe him a stroller ride or two:)

Here are a couple of our favorite pictures....
(this is just from their CD so they're not cropped and all that special stuff) ornery!

This one was cropped and put in sepia-looked very cool!

And of course Daddy had to do a track theme:) This one was cropped a lot too.

One of many family pictures. Not so cracked up that I am 5 1/2 Mo. preggo in these, but oh well!

Happy 1st bday, bubba! We love you so much!!

Coming soon: Isaac's party pictures from this weekend!! Stay tuned:)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Baby Maust #2 is.........

So we had our ultrasound and 22 week check up today and Isaac is going to have a......

Yep, another BOY! We are pretty excited:) Especially for the fact that we know Isaac & him will (hopefully) be good buds! Everything in the ultrasound looked awesome and very healthy! Praise God!

And sadly this is the ONLY picture I have taken for this pregnancy with this awful! I have been horrible about documenting this little guy:( So this is me @ 22 weeks today! Kinda an awkward picture...(that's what happens when I have no one to take it for me! ha ha!)

On the subject of BABIES...Brock's brother, Brandon (aka "Bub) and his wife, Brooke finally had their baby girl, Izabel last night! Yay! Isaac has another cousin and we have another adorable niece! We are so blessed! She was a healthy 7 lbs 6oz and a whopping 21 1/2 inches long! ALL legs! ha ha!

So welcome to the world, Izzy!!!!

The proud parents:)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Isaac's 1st Haircut!

Well it's almost been a year and I've given in and scheduled Isaac to get a haircut yesterday. Of course I wanted him to be all groomed and clean cut for his big weekend coming up:)

Here is the BEFORE picture...notice all the shag and crazy stray hairs?....

And here's one that shows the bruise on his forehead pretty good:)
Backside view....pretty soon all this baby hair will go Bye bye!

Getting all buzzed...he did SO good!

We kept him occupied with some plasic curlers...he loved these! And Kellie let him keep them...ha ha!
Sometimes he held on to Ernie and Elmo too....

And here's AFTER! All evened out.....
What a little stud...he instantly looked so grown up!

This picture cracked me up...I mean seriously-he is glaring at me! Geesh!

And I had to get one of the 2 of us but he didn't wanna pay attention:)

So that made for a fun day! I hope all of his haircuts are that easy!