Monday, April 19, 2010


These sweet words are from my very one and only....Mr. Isaac!
It's been a fun couple of weeks listening to this kid start his talking!...and counting! Even though his pronouncing isn't right on the money he is one smart cookie. It's like he's known how to say things all along and is just now realizing he can say them. Super exciting:)

We think a lot more progress is on the way. He's starting to just feel better with his "#2's" in better workings now, I guess I could say. It's made him a whole new kid. For about 2 months now he's been on Miralax and it's made him a lot more comfortable we think. So that is a great thing!

Isaac is also turning 3 next month...*sniff*. This means he will be all done with 1st Steps therapy and moving into the STARS speech class once a week starting this summer. We're excited to see how that works for him now too.

**A quick update on Sir Kahler!
He recently turned 19 months on the 10th. Today was his "18 mo." wellness and ear recheck. The poor kid has fought 3 double ear infections in the past few months, so we took him in again today to make sure his last one is completely gone. I'm sensing he's going to be the kid we put tubes in, so we'll see.
Anywho, at his appointment he got weighed and measured.
Let's see here: "Kahler's height is completely off the charts now", said Dr. B. "Being a little over 32 inches, he's pretty much the average height of a 2 1/2 year old". (Holy Moses.) One tall dude.
As for weight, he's now a whole 30 lbs and 14 oz. (92nd percentile). Look at this kid...NOT a porker...just solid! and TALL! ha. How do I get these big kids?! Scares me to think what this baby is going to be like!

**Speaking of:) Here's a little baby news for ya:
I am currently 18 weeks and 2 days. This is going so incredibly fast. But then again, I'm SO excited to find out what this one is! We get to find out on Mon. May 10th if the boys are going to have a baby brother or sister! What do you think??
I've felt exactly the way I felt with the boys so far. The only major difference is a feel like this one is sitting up higher and my belly is feeling harder above my belly button this time around. So hmm...definitely has me curious. I'm having myself convinced this is a girl, even though it freaks the heck out of me! So we'll see:)

**Ok and here's what we've been up to these past couple months!!
Spring is in full swing and so is track season!
The boys love going out to the track with Daddy at practice.
Isaac is getting the hang of the coaching part here:)
"keep going guys!" hee hee...
They thought ab workout was so funny...
Isaac is telling them that they can look like this as he pulls up his shirt to show off his abs:)
And my future coaches making sure none of the boys cheat! They're so good!

A big April happening....EASTER SUNDAY!
Kahler and I got to celebrate at church that morning while Brock and Isaac stayed home to keep the germs away. They were still recouping after a rough weekend unfortunately. They were almost back to normal by the time we headed to my brother's house for the Easter hunt and dinner that afternoon.
Isaac had lots of fun being outside again and getting his energy out!
Kahler really enjoyed the egg hunt! He got to find the yellow and football eggs. Except when he got to a football egg, well...duh you throw it! (What a smartie:))
The triplets being mischevious doing some table dancing for everybody:)
All the kids enjoying a nice meal together. What a great day to celebrate Easter!

Spring Break Week:
1st part of the weekend: not so fun. Especially when between your husband and 2 kids, they've puked a total of 16 times in 3 days:( Oh so sad and pathetic...I hate to rehash the memories of how miserable everyone was around here. SO incredibly thankful I didn't catch any of it!

So what did we do for fun? Well...yard work. Really, that and letting the boys play outside any chance they got while it stayed warm at the beginning of our vacation. Then it turned freeeezing on Thursday and Friday. Luckily I got to fill in at the vet's office for those 2 days. That was good for me but left me with some stir-crazy boys. So finally on Saturday we ventured to good 'ol Shipshewana to the mercantile building. Here the boys enjoyed their first carousel ride!
Isaac LOVED it! So fun to see him laugh like this!
Kahler liked it too...he kept going "ooohhh" when we went up and down. Man, they crack me up!
Finished off with some play time at the Thomas table. Love how this track stays permanetly nailed!
And no, didn't forget to leave without hitting up some Jo Jo's pretzels! The pregnant woman demanded it this time! ha! I think Kahler liked the balloons more:)

Last weekend we finished up all of our "Easter festivities" at Brock's parent's house for the annual Maust scavenger hunt.
Here we are...once again decked out in our husband/wife teams with our XL t-shirts. We're cool like that--ha!
I won't go into details about who won cuz it turned out to be a floozy of a hunt this year with lots of messed up clues. Brock and I won the actual "race" but got jipped one-short of a clue. Hope next year is more carefully planned:)
That's us after we "thought" we won! :-P What a crock! You can imagine my I am 4 1/2 months preggers busting my tail running all over the property, and we get (pardon) eh hem...screwed! Ok I'll let it go now!
And finished up the afternoon playing on the trampoline which my boys get a kick out of. Brock hanging with Izzi and talking about the hunt with his brother.

That's all for spring for now! Probably more baby news to come soon! Lots going on next month too!!