Friday, August 7, 2009

Purdue Getaway & Random Walking:)

Thursday I hit the road and headed to Purdue for my last "getaway" before school started. SO much fun with my girls, Jess, Tricia & Megan:) We started the evening @ Olive Garden for dinner, then went to Chumley's for the remainder of the night. Lots of good and funny conversation among the four of us--never fails!
Tricia & me
Jess & Megan
Jess & I bunked @ Tricia's place for the night waking up to breakfast she made us! great!
(Thanks for letting us stay with you, babe!)
The rest of the day was spent with Jess starting off by driving around the Purdue campus. Holy cow has it changed!! New dorms up everywhere it seems like! We ate lunch ate the Boiler Market, followed by $.56 32 oz. Den Pops!(pic below) Then we went and did our shopping before hittin' the fun!
Little did I know my drive home starting @ 2PM turned into 2 detours and idiot drivers. Thee WORST trip home I've EVER taken home from Purdue. THank God I had Jess for company to keep my sanity over half the trip! I arrived home FOUR hours later @ 6 PM (1.5 hrs longer than the usual trip! Awful!!) Hoping for better luck next time:P
In other news....
as I arrived home I was SO happy to see my babies! And Brock too:))
But holy baby baby Kahler is a WALKING MACHINE!!
Check the pics...he is getting so unbelievably sturdy its so crazy!

The kid is EVERYWHERE and he's luvin' it! lol

Isaac & cousin Izzy getting a wagon ride from Aunt Brookie...they're so cute:)
Isaac getting curious about the camera and pictures of funny!
and last but not least.....
"Spaghetti anyone????" !!
( learned my lesson to give papa bear feeding instructions with this one from now on! wowie!)