Sunday, December 4, 2011

blessed to GIVE.

Is it December already?  Crazy how fast this past month flew, but I am READY for the Holidays.  I absolutely love December and the start of the advent month to remind us what Christmas is all about.

  A couple weeks ago my church handed out paper ornaments with names/ages of kids to buy a gift for them, and pray for that child as that ornament is put on our tree.  I went up to the table and selected a 3 year old boy named Sebastian.  I figured that was an easy place to start since I have a 3 yr old boy myself, and know what boys like! 

So written on the back of this ornament were 4 things that Sebastian wanted for Christmas. 
1.  Snowboots-size 8
2.  Comforter
3. Movies
4. Toys

I don't know why...but I immediately looked at "comforter" and felt a big place in my heart to get just that for  Sebastian for Christmas.  If any of my kids needed a comforter to keep them warm at night, you better believe I'm not going to let this little guy go without one too.  Things we take for granted. 

So last Friday evening I took the day to get my Christmas shopping done and stopped at JoAnn's to find the best fleece blanket to make.  I love making tie-blankets, and thought any 3 yr old boy would love a Superman blanket right?:)
I am blessed beyond words to gift this to Sebastian, and wish I could see the look on his face when he gets his comforter for Christmas.  I'm blessed I could be put in a position to give to another human being on the best time of the year, and give him something to keep him warm at night.

Why do our own kids need more things? I encourage all of you to take the time to give to a stranger, or a family in need you don't know....just because.  I'm promising myself to teach my own kids to do this too...instead of counting each present they get each year.

  Remember the reason for the season....and bless someone this Christmas:)
Merry Christmas Sebastian!