Saturday, February 21, 2009


So this doesn't happen very often! It's next to impossible for me to get these two goofs in one picture! But Isaac decided to be all nice and lovie yesterday that I took advantage when he climbed up next to his baby BROTHER on the chair:)
Unfortunately Kahler has been sick the past few days, and I can kinda tell in this pictures, but they still turned out pretty cute.
The slide of them reminds me of those old-school photo booths that you'd take a strip of pictures with your best friend, and make as many different faces as possible! This just naturally coaxing from me to make a certain face! So this makes me laugh...a lot....when I look at them!
(Isaac 21 mo.; Kahler 5 mo. 1 week)

(they even coughed at the same time! This looks so pitiful...but funny!)

So there's my goofies:) I'm loving watching Isaac being so fascinated by his baby BROTHER lately, and it's even more funny when you catch Kahler looking at Isaac and get the biggest smile on his face:)
This morning Kahler was playing in the exersaucer and he dropped a couple of rattles on the ground, and his paci. His sweet big BROTHER came over, picked them up in a handful, and put them both back on the exersaucer ledge! (awwwww!) I hope they're always this sweet to each other! (Hey a mommie can dream can't I?!)
I hope you two love each other like best friends the way you are BROTHERS!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


SUNDAY, MARCH 1st, 2009
HE IS....
New Series @ Grace Community Church!
"Revealing the Heart of a Man"
I'm so excited to listen to this upcoming series!
In November Pastor Jim Brown did "She Is" and it was extremely inspiring!
Jim sent out an email asking to post this all over the place, so there ya go!
Tell whoever, bring whoever!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy HEART Day!....

My 2 little sweet hearts:)
(...and future heart breakers!)
(Isaac's shirt says "Mommy's Little Sweet Heart")

Hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day!
*Isaac & Kahler*

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

5 Months!!

Yep, my handsome blue-eyed baby boy is 5 months old today!
It has been so fun to see his facial characteristics come out more and more...and I'm lovin' his fuzzy blonde hair! I gotta say it's pretty darn cute:)
He's been up to a lot trying cereal for the first time last night....
...yeah...he wasn't so sure about it! Maybe next time!
But the kid does smile a lot! His only unhappy moments seem to be when someone isn't in front of his face at all times making him smile! Which is hard to do ALL THE TIME!
Still has the "all gums" smile which I always love on babies! I will be kinda sad when little toofers start poppin' up:(
He is lovin' holding and shaking his rattles a lot now! New entertainment for this guy is good!
...and everything goes in the mouth now too:)
Happy 5 months little buddy! Almost 1/2 way there!
Lunch time today...yep home with my kiddos for the day. Had to take a sick day since big boy on the left is about hacking up his lungs every few minutes, and was running a temp last night so we didn't get much sleep! So we're hoping Isaac feels better soon so he can go back to the sitter tomorrow!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Can you hear me now???

So we've been a little concerned with Isaac's hearing for a while now, I finally got time to take him in to get it checked out. He's been doing 1st Steps therapy for a few weeks now(which he loves! This lady comes and plays with him for an hour every Thursday and he's doing better and better each week I think! ) We're doing it for some of his basic developmental delays, like imitating, and especially his speech...cuz the kid doesn't all! So just to be sure and rule it out, we went and got his hearing tested today.
It was definitely not what I expected! First of all, I'm wondering how the heck they're gonna get my soon-to-be 21 mo. old crazy kid to hold still enough to see if he looks up at a sound, or like yeah, he's gonna raise his right and left arm when he hears a beep with head phones on...Don't think so!! Well...shows how much I know:) First of all, the doctor lady was so awesome and friendly. Isaac didn't like the room we went into just to chat about his hearing I'm just thinking this is gonna be a huge waist! Well anywho, we then went into this little booth area and Isaac simply sat on my lap. The trick was, I couldn't talk to him to entertain him, so he had to be completely quiet. The doc would initiate sounds in each corner of the booth and a sound would be made, then this puppet think in a wooden box would open and close and light up and everything! It was so funny! Isaac thought it was hilarious! So actually, he tested really good with his response to the beeps that came on each side before the puppet box opened. So we're good there.
Now, the next step is I'm supposed to bring him in on Thursday to do another test that gets pretty much all the sensories in his ear detected. Tricky part though, they preferrably do it when they're sleeping:/ So momma's gotta figure out some crazy way to get Isaac picked up from his sitter that day right around his nap time so he'll magically fall asleep on cue on the way to the office.....mmm that's gonna happen! So we'll see how this works, but luckily if he doesn't fall asleep I just have to get him to be quiet while little things get PUT INTO his ears for a little bit. My son HATES things put in his ears! So I'm just praying one of his favorite movies will make him sit still and be quiet and we can get the test done! So just keep us in your thoughts that this goes well!
Anyways, yesterday I got to have a little lunch reunion with some of my high school girlies:)(@ Hacienda of course!) I always LOVE the times I get to see them!...We always pick up right where we left off...and this doesn't happen often enough! Although a couple of us are getting better at it lately:)
From left to right: Whitney(who I haven't seen in eons! It was SO good to finally see her again) Erin & baby Grady, me, Jamie and Katie(married one of our high school buds, so we count her:))
Can't wait to do it again ladies!! Love ya:)