Thursday, September 17, 2009

Party Time!

We began Kahler's party day @ church as he was dedicated in the service that morning!Onto the party!!...
busted out big brother's bday decorations, but I'm sure Kahler won't care:)
Kahler's cake and cupcakes!
The birthday boy is ready to party in his #1 jersey! (we won't say it's for Michigan though!..not a mommy thing...daddy's!)
Brock's family and some of our friends came! So fun! Set up tables and chairs outside! Couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day!
Present time! K-bub took a lot of interest in what was in gift bags....
...until he got a ball-then he was preoccupied!
Taking a break for more ice cream! YUM!

Cake time!!

Diggin' in...this boy was in Heaven!!

"Ok...what's all this stuff doing on my hands??"
"the damage"...could this face be any cuter??:)
Post cake...I stripped this kid down and attempted to wipe all the frosting off...noticed I missed a little on his left pinky toe?:)

Overall, great party and we were so blessed to have the family and friends come celebrate with us that could be there! I was a little stressed out being the first get-together at our house, but I think everyone else had a great time:)

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Kahler William is ONE YEAR OLD!

We didn't do a whole lot on his actual b-day yesterday, but it was pretty fun:)
First, we took him and Isaac to Brock's freshman football game @ GHS.
They like going cuz they love running around the yard area and on the track!
Kahler looked pretty studly sportin' his hawk and 1st Bday T-shirt:)
Watchin' the game...Go Skins!
After the game we enjoyed a birthday treat from DQ with Papa and Gma...

He loved it!....

...and his spoon:)
Isaac loved it as well, and mooching for milkshakes!

Back at home....

Opening his present from Papa and Gma....
what is it??

A football!! (and some studly clothes too!)

He LOVED it!
Isaac evidentally learned how to pull Kahler down now...not really sure where he learned this from :/ But he kept doing it all was a little funny, but not so much when Kahler ended up with a small bloody lip:(

Fumbled and recovered!!

Isaac attempting the pushover again!....(what a stinker!)

Happy 1st Birthday K-bub!! We love you!!

Just to prove how much time does fly, here is a quick timeline of your life from your 1st wonderful year:)...........

Stay tuned for his birthday party pics from Sunday!
...and still yet to come...the cousin "triplet" party @ the end of Sept.! Bring on the party animals!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kahler's One Year/ Family Pics!!

by Darcy Holsopple Photography
Sept. 1st, 2009
My baby is turning 1 on 9/10 already!! We had Darcy do his 1 year pics @ the Old Bag Factory! Absolutely LOVE 'em!! She's just getting better and better and it makes it harder and harder for me to choose my favorites!! Definitely was hard to order all these pics this time but that's a good problem I guess:)

Even got some great shots of Isaac! He looks like such a little boy in these!...scary!
And the 1st time of getting the 2 brothers taken professionally together...loved how they turned out...even though it was quite the task!

And of course some awesome family pics!!

Thanks again, Darce!!