Monday, April 20, 2009

thee...."Annual Maust Easter Scavenger Hunt"!

Last Saturday my in-laws threw their annual Easter Scavenger Hunt. It was perfect weather, unlike previous years, so we all had a wonderful time being outdoors.

It's hard to get the full effect of how funny this hunt is. My mom-in-law goes to GREAT lengths to plan this! We get paired up boy/girl by drawing names. This year was a lot more competitive because we had more couples involved. It seems like the previous couple of years the females were pregnant! (Me being 2 for 2 around Easter season)
This hunt also involves some strenuous running around the entire property...across the road...under bridges...all over the name it! Linda (Mom-in-law) had 12 eggs(5 individual hunts total..this woman is very creative!) We even had to make 3 "pit stops" to accomplish some pretty funny tasks!'s the "pre hunt" waiting to find out our partners....

The TEAMS! I drew the pink uniform, and Bub, Brock's brother drew me as a partner! This was the 2nd year we were partners...we were champions 3 years ago so I thought we were gonna win for sure!
My goof ball of a husband is in the lime green T and was paired up with Cheri....needless to say...they won:P BOOO!! Bub and I came in 3rd after a fluke of some cheaters and what not! HA ha! Oh year!
And don't laugh at the XL T's us females always have to wear! Linda had to improvise the previous years when we all had HUGE belly's! Now we all just look huge:)

More pics of the day....
Kahler LOVES being outdoors! Such a cheese head:)
Kids egg hunt! Isaac did so good this time!
Isaac actually put the eggs IN the bucket instead of taking them out this time:)
Me & my big bubba:)

Checkin' out all the colorful eggs...He had to take them apart before moving on to the next!
Kahler's 1st experience in the grass! He liked it pretty well!
4-Wheelin' time with Uncle Bub, Aunt Brooke and Izzi!
Brock's cousin Dan & Anndee's "little big guy", Zachary! He is SO adorable!
Instant buddies:)

Thanks Gary & Linda for putting on such a fun time for all of us!:)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

***Easter Sunday***

Our Easter Sunday was wonderful!
We started the day attending the Easter service @ Grace. What an AMAZING message! A lot of life-changing moments that day for many people!
Here are the boys all duded up lookin' good:)
Isaac in the car ready to go play with the kids in the nursery!
Kahler and his baby blue all set to go!
After church we did a family picture outside @ mom and dad's...can u see the flooded river to the left?! Craziness!
My mom's side came over for dinner that evening. LOTS of kids when we all get together. It seemed like Brock and I were running a daycare in the basement at one point:) Brock was definitely a favorite of the big kids watching movies together!
Easter egg hunt! All the kids did great hunting for eggs.....
...except for my silly kid who only had an interest in the cool big buckets!
Kahler opening up his first Easter "bucket":)

Here are some AWESOME pics we had done last week. It was a friend of a friend of my sister's who wanted to get some photography takes with kids and baby animals. So we went for an experiment photo shoot. It was pretty stinkin' cool!
I LOVE this picture with all of the cousins...turned out really cool...and love the yellow chickies in it:)

He tried to get individual pictures of each of the kids with the animals...
Here's Kahler with the chicks....
...and Isaac....he was too busy running around to get a good shot of him!
All the boy cousins (minus Kahler)
Kahler (in color)
Hope you all had a wondeful Easter like we did!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring Break '09

Our Spring Break this year was definitely different...and bittersweet for Brock and I. After a year and a half of trying to sell our house, it FINALLY happened! From September til April we had a friend rent from us which was great. It helped us out so much. Then we came across a young couple by word of mouth that was interested in our home. Things definitely worked out and God took control for sure! The closing for the house is in few weeks! We officially moved out of our 8th St. house on Tuesday. I packed up all of the kitchen and the furniture that was left.
So Brock and I said good-bye to our first home.
Yeah...I'll admit it was pretty sad. We owned that house for 4 1/2 years, and made TONS of memories in that somewhat short time. So it'll be hard to think of it that way. It was an awesome house to have as a young couple...and even worked out with 1 kid, but we knew it just wasn't going to be do-able with 2! It was going to get crowded fast!
What the 8th St. house meant to Brock and me...
1. Our first home as a married couple
2. Gatherings on our awesome back deck....I'll miss that deck!
3. Landscaping and decorating the exterior. I hated it at the time, but I loved the end result!
4. Playing in the back yard with Isaac, and chasing him in the park.
5. Sitting on the back deck and talking with Rodie a week before he left us. (lots of memories with Rodie in this house, and that'll be hard to leave behind too:( )
6. My 2 positive pregnancy tests with my babies in that bathroom! (Bawling when I found out I was preggers with Kahler! No regrets now! :))
7. Going up and down the stairs and through the kitchen to the bathroom to pee in the middle of the night during both pregnancies! ha ha!
8. Going into labor with Isaac
9. Bring Isaac home to his first house, and room.
10. Laying Isaac down to sleep at night...
11. Playing in the living room with isaac
12. Chats with Rodie and Jeni in the living room
13. Walks to Soda Shoppe
14. Stroller rides down the streets
I know there are so many more but that's what came to my mind first:)
I'll always remember this was great when it lasted!
...But of course, we'll be even more excited when we find that perfect house for our family! I'll be so excited to move into something and make it ours again...and of course make more memories!
So after the move out on Tues, here's what else we did over break:
As for the boys we conquered a couple pretty big feats with Isaac...

1. He finally started liking his baths again! I don't know what was going through his head, but it seemed like the past month he was flipping out even when we turned on the bath water. We figured out that he was afraid of the cup we used to rinse his hair. So I wash clothed his rinsing time, which I guess helped a lot.
So baths are once again our friend:) It's been forever since he was smiling in the tub so I had to get a couple of him!
He's even holding the infamous cup that he once hated!
2. Isaac has been TALKING! ...A LOT! Sure he doesn't say actual words with meaning yet, but by golly he knows what he's talking about! He says "Bah Bah Bah" all the time and "ma ma ma" a lot too. He cracks us up. I can tell a huge difference in him lately. I can't believe he'll be 2 next month crazy!
3. Isaac does not have a bottle anymore! He is finally off of his next-step formula and is just drinking whole milk in a cup....BIG money saver! yay!! We don't have crib wetting sheets anymore either! Big plus!
As for Sir Kahler...he turned 7 months old on the 10th! He's so stinkin' funny these days:) He gets around wherever he wants to go now! Not in crawling form...but inchwormin' everywhere!
What else:
Friday night Brock and I had a wonderful date night! It was a nice break from organizing the boys' clothes (since that's what I was doing the rest of the week!) We went out with friends to Applebees, then went to Bella Luna to watch a band play, then ended our night with a free stay @ Essenhaus! The hotel was so nice. So we got a good night sleep-kid free! Thanks Papa and Grandma Wogoman for watching the boys for us!
Saturday my niece and nephew, Brady and Kylie were over and Grandma had them color easter eggs! They were so I had to get a couple pics of the chaos!
Brady has been so stinkin' funny lately! His face expressions are all attitude!
Grandma giving them the instructions!

Kahler was of course watching the fun:)
Isaac wanted in on the action too...Brady was so afraid he was going to break his eggs! (which he probably would have!)
So that was our spring break in a nut shell !! Aside from Brock's track practices, that's really all we did! I'm hoping someday for a trip to Florida like everyone else, but that's what I get for marrying a track coach:) Not gonna happen anyday soon! Oh well:)
Stay tuned for Easter pics! Bring on the egg hunts!!!!