Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Nothing like havin' some big 'ole trees chopped down to provide some free entertainment around here! 
The lot next door to us is squeezing in a home built by Habitat.  So they started the process yesterday by taking these guys down. Not so sure we're going to be thrilled about our new view in a few months when we'll be looking at a wall of another house instead of this=/  Hopefully it's not too bad. 

But here's what Kahler got to watch all yesterday morning:)....

1st 2 trees on the left taken away.....

Those 2 on the left also had some branches right over our house so I'm thankful they'll be gone, however they also provided our yard with much-needed shade=/


Kahler kept looking out and saying "aw mess!!"

It did look like a big mess...but they did a very good job keeping it out of our yard!

and the new view after. 

Every time I look out the window now, Kahler thinks another tree is going down! ha!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Knollbrook Farm Outing

Finally had the opportunity (with everyone being HEALTHY for once) to do a little outing with the corn maze/fall fun thing with the kids.  Normally we go to Fashion Farm in Ligonier as a tradition, but missed out on that last weekend.  However, Kahler still got to go with Papa, Grandma and the Wogoman he got his fill of the fun there!

This year we tried out Knollbrook Farm which is right down the road from us.  It's a super fun, spread out area that's kid (and parent) friendly!  We had our friends, the Clarks, go along with their 2 kids and had a great time!  Weather was definitely feelin fall-ish with the wind, otherwise it would have been perfect!

Isaac on the tractor-bike

Kahler getting his turn on the GIANT slide!

Jenny and Lilly down the slide....Isaac close behind

Tractor-bike Round 2: Brock and Isaac.....VS.....

Graham and Lincoln!!

Me and May in the corn maze!

Hayride pic opportunity:)

The whole crew!  Had so much fun with you, Clarks! 

and I guess I'll mention that this was our "pretend hayride".  We waited...and waited and waited after getting on at 7pm for our ride and no driver showed up...until we were literally deboarding the wagon! But we sat on there and enjoyed it...just no movin'! ha! 

Fun little Saturday....glad our kids had a good time:)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's time for a facelift!.....

.....on my flower bed:) 

FINALLY got around to it and bought myself some cheap-o mums on Monday.  And from Walmart out of all places and was super happy with how they looked.

Like the before and after affect??

I'll give it to ya, k?

Here's BEFORE.......

wait for it.......

wait for it........

Ok ya ready??:) 


Ended up mixing things up and did a variety of colors then....

See Mr. Special Ed mum on the lower right?  Decided to keep him around and see how I like him next year:)

Got 3 baby ones into 2 pots.  Each were $1 so I was happy with that.

                                                 Don't you just love a makeover?!:)

                             Now I just need my cornstalks and pumpkins and we're all set!!
                                    HAPPY FALL!! What a beautiful week for it right?!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wedding makeup continued....

Leah's professional pictures by To the Roof Photography are finished!  Wanted to share these after seeing just the candid makeup pictures from the first post of her wedding.  Thought these photos really captured how beautiful Leah and her ladies looked! 

Thanks Leah, for making me so proud of what I love doing! You looked stunning and "showcased" the makeup beautifully!

More of a candid shot, but Leah was still a blushing bride even towards the end of her night!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Birthday "Surprise"

Yes, I feel like a big disappointer for those just counting down the minutes until our departure to our mystery destination last weekend!  I know you were all at the edge of your seats in anticipation!!.....


yes....I know you all are not a bunch of losers either....(most of you!) ha!

As you might have noticed....the cat was out of the bag on Thursday night.  Brock was having issues with the overnight arrangements to stay on Saturday as well.  He didn't feel comfortable making the call on who we should stay with, so that's when he decided he needed my input. 

And spoil his surprise:(  boo. 
So the big scavenger guessing mystery whatever-you-wanna-call-it wasn't such a big mystery anymore, however he had one very excited wife! 

We ended up venturing to the Noblesville area to visit lotsa friends with Kahler and Maylin in tow.  Isaac got to stay with the grandparents, so he had a fun-filled weekend as well!

Anyways, we have 5 couples down in that area that live within 15 minutes of each other that we're good friends with.  It's crazy how many people we get to see within a short couple days! 

Friday night we stayed with Brock's cousin Davie and Jen, then Saturday we spent the day going to my gal pal Andrea's, then my cousin Brandi's, then hit up Josh & Angie's new crib on their moving weekend.  That was exciting!  Then our last stop was at the Loy's for supper, football, and the first Loy/Maust sleepover!  Our boys had a great time together!

On Sunday we headed out the the Children's Museum, which was a great way to top off the weekend for Kahler!  Maylin had her share of fun there too:)
Kahler and his new pal, Brayden....playing with the dinosaurs!!

Riding the racecar

BIG choo choo train!!

The kid-zone room....specifically designed for kids 5 and was awesome!

Kahler playing with boats in the water

They even had a little area for kids 2 and Maylin enjoyed that...she's loving herself in the mirror! what a girl:)

My cutie:)

Brock DID manage to get away with one surprise out of the entire weekend.  To have me curious he asked me a few days before to "pick a color".  He was probably thinking I'd choose something super basic or whatever, but I said "lime green".  Yep...that threw him off.  His response: "hmm,..that does make this a little more difficult" :) we were scrambling around to leave the house on Friday we jumped in the car and what do I find on my seat?!?

A LIME GREEN I-pod shuffle!! 
I'm pretty excited.  I had yet to own anything with "I-" in front of I'm pumped!  Especially the fact that I've wanted one of these to be my new "running buddy" for a long time now!  Now it's the fact that I haven't ran in 2 weeks that will be a tad tough to get back into the groove due to Brock's pneumonia episode, followed up by me being sick.  We've both come to the conclusion that we both got sick a lot easier when we stopped working out super faithfully ever since our work out buds moved away!  (Yes, Angie, if you're reading this I'm blaming YOU!) ha ha! U know I still love ya:)

So yes...beautiful weather ahead this week.... so back into the running game I go!!  Now I need some new running tunes...suggestions??:)