Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Holidays!!

Time for the "monthly Maust update"....since that's the rate I seem to be going on here lately;)....lets start with the day after Thanksgiving......
This year we got right down to business and put up Christmas decorations. This year we splurged and tried out a real tree for the 1st time! It was fun....and really not to bad of an experience with it. Kind of dislike the falling pine needles, but other than that it wasn't so bad! Will love it when kids are old enough to go get one when they'd actually enjoy it. That'd be pretty fun!
Here's our tree-complete with a crooked trunk and all:) We loved it! It went perfectly in our front windows. (Don't mind the's Brock's "thing" when he gets Christmas cards to put them on the tree!) The tree now has extra ornaments thanks to the ED teacher I work with, "Shoe". She laughs at me cuz I always tease her about how many things go on her Christmas tree and how bare mine look compare to hers. Guess she wanted me to kick up the tree-decorating a notch by gettin me boxes of ornaments before break! Yay! I was excited:)
Some December happenings:
Maylin turned 5 months on Dec. 18th! Right now she looks like a 3 month old to me, compared to how the boys looked, and what they did. So she's on the right track. This month I didn't get to weigh her in yet (coming Monday). She has been doing awesome and still gaining lots of weight! I'm guessing about 13 lbs. or so by now. So we'll see:)
The boys are doing great. Isaac is continually improving talking and communicating with us and being super sweet. We're happy to enjoy our Christmas break spending more time with him, and are excited for him to start 2nd semester in his preschool again. He's lovin it!
Kahler is starting to go through what we *hope* is an awful phase. I can't explain it other than what a terrible 2 is. I think Isaac kind of skipped the normal "phase" and just was a different kind of "complication", however whatever this is, is just crazy! The kid will one moment be absolutely fine, then just lose it completely. He's super emotional and cries over the most ridiculous things. I've wanted to pull my hair out over this several times. I don't know how Brock does it, because he's up with Kahler pretty much every single night as he just bawls. I don't really know how he can act much worse, so we're praying it's over soon and it can only get better. Right?:) What gets me is he is super good at other places, and around other people...but the moment we get home and it's just us here at home with him, it's like my rotten child comes out! It's madness! Just lots of prayer for patience in our household to get through this!
Let's see, what else....well the Tuesday going into Christmas break we (I mean, Brock) had a procedure done so we no longer have more kids:) hem...enough said! Let's just say there was some funny conversation as Brock was drugged up on Valium before the appointment. The conversations were quite humorous and some that we won't forget, I'm sure:)
Wednesday the 22nd FHS started their Christmas break...finally. It seemed like everyone was on break, except us. Because they were. It gave me exactly 1 day to finish up my Xmas shopping so it was a tad stressful. Before I knew it Christmas was here and gone and it feels like school is coming waaaay too soon.
I think Christmas flew by so fast this year because we went to 5 places (4 different Christmas's) within 3 days.
Christmas Eve morning was at my Grandma Kropf's (mom's side)
Christmas Eve night was at my parent's for our immediate side, with all 10 crazy grandkids together.
(Here's Maylin in her 1st Christmas PJ's!)
And me and my girl at Mom and Dad's on Christmas Eve
And the boys not able to wait up for Santa that night!;)
Christmas Day we went back to my parent's in the morning to open stockings and eat breakfast. Maylin wore her cute Christmas onsie that stated "Good things come in small packages"! In this true:) We were certainly blessed that Maylin was able to make it to all the Christmas get-togethers and stay healthy! She got to finally meet family that she had yet to meet, so that was really special too!
We had a lot of fun on Christmas morning waking up as a family of 5 and opening Christmas presents in our house. The boys were more into opening gifts, so that was really enjoyable to watch. One thing we did that was pretty comical was re-wrap some of their favorite things so they'd get super excited when they opened them. In Isaac's case, his favorite Pediasure drink did the trick! ha ha!
Kahler hammed it up sporting his fire truck hat and opening presents. Don't u love the pj's this year? Thanks to Grandma Wogoman! Thought they all looked like elves this year:)
Kahler did a great job opening gifts too at Brock's parent's on Christmas day that evening.
Our last Christmas was on Sun. with Brock's extended Maust side. So that wrapped up the Christmas "trifecta"!
And I'll leave you with my favorite Christmas picture yet! I think this is a keeper for our annual ornament this year! This is the 1st picture I have ever taken of all 3 kids TOGETHER! It was a 1st that Isaac actually showed interest in holding his baby sister, and staying happy about yep, a big breakthrough there=) What a great memory we'll have of that special day.
We are continually blessed by family and friends that helped make our Christmas this year so special. It has definitely been a year we'll never forget. I look back to last summer and cannot believe what a blur that was, and where we're at now. So whether it's been through hardships from Maylin's medical bills, to family struggles, to financial struggles, we're forever grateful and thankful for every day we get through because of the people that have prayed and helped us through tough times.
Here's to a Happy New Year in 2011, and may you be blessed!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

50 Free Christmas Cards??!! Oh yeah!!

So of course I love the holiday season....right? It's absolutely great! One thing I do honestly dread though is the amount of money we "have to" spend on certain things. Gifts....lights...trees....and oh yes, the annual family Christmas card!

Every year I try to find the card I love, and the best pictures of my kiddos and/or our family to put on it. This year is extra special for us, as it will be our first Christmas with our THREE kids! Woo hoo!! So of course, my ideal card had to be one with 4 pictures on it. (One of the fam, and 3 spots for a headshot of the kids.)

So, to ease my pain this year, Shutterfly is gifting 50 FREE Christmas cards to fellow bloggers that spread the word and share about what an amazing company they are! Sweet!....I'm in:)

In the past I've used Shutterfly to create all kinds of fun projects: photo albums, big picture orders, and also have used them for lots of our annual Christmas cards! They even have several other cards for all sorts of occasions: Birthdays, Father's Day, ANY name it! There are SO many to choose from! My favorite this year is the "Merry Montage" card that I think will be my pick for the year. The Christmas tree on it matches our picture "theme" as our 2 boys ventured out to a tree farm this year for their individual pictures.'s perfect!

This is TOO good of a deal to pass up this season to get your free cards today!

Thank you, Shutterfly!!