Sunday, February 6, 2011

"Monthy Maust Update"....once again:)

So this seems to be the new trend lately! Just not enough hours in the day to blog! Sorry! After the holidays were over (which was my last post...) we're back in our school routines and the kids being back in daycare. Since I pick up the boys every day now after school, I don't get home til later and have all 3 kids with me right away after school. It's a bit of a change with out that Mommy/Maylin time like we had before! But it's ok....we're making it work. I'm just feeling extra busy these days!
....Did I mention I'm planning my 10 year reunion this summer?? (As if that's not enough, right??) At least I have some awesome help putting this shin-dig together, so it's something to look forward to!
So let's see, what happened in January?? Well over MLK Day we did a mini road trip to Noblesville to stay at Brock's cousin's house. And we took Maylin with us while the g-parent's kept the boys. It was her 1st long car ride (aside from FW trips). But she did awesome! Slept the whole way there and back!
It was such a great time to hang with Brock's cousin, Davie and his wonderful wife, Jen! They are so sweet and such welcoming host's when we come stay with them. The last time we did this was right after we got married 5 years it was long overdue! They have 3 boys and they just LOVED on Maylin! It was so sweet!
Here's their youngest, Ben, spoiling Maylin. He's in Kindergarten and I cannot believe how much he's grown! Last we saw him he was sitting in a high chair:)
Ben and Max had a friend over too, so they gave her a TON of attention, as you can tell:) Here's Maylin chillin' with the oldest, Quinn. He's a senior this year and is one big guy! We just found out he's going to Ball State next year so that's pretty awesome. Brock's so proud:) Check out the size difference in their hands!!
That evening Jen offered to keep Maylin (for her baby fix:)) while we met up with our good friends the Loy's in Carmel to go out to dinner. We went to Mesh on Mass restaraunt and it was awesome! Had a great time and good conversation! Wish they lived closer!!

The next day we ventured out to many places around Noblesville. First we stopped at the Adams' household to meet their new little sweetie, Clair! She was only 5 days old! She's such a little beauty! Andrea (below) is one of my besties from high school and we were in each other's weddings, so I LOVE this girl to pieces and so excited to see her as a mommy:) She's one of MANY of my gal-pals that are preggers right bring on the baby fever!
After that we stopped to visit Brandi and the VanPutten family! What a great time to see everyone that lived so close in that area! Maylin found out what it was like to be a social butterfly that weekend:)

Let's see...what else. Update on the kiddos: Maylin turned 6 months old on the 18th! 1/2 a year old already. My baby:( She's doing what a 4-5 mo. old babe would do right now, so she just started rolling over too. So crazy she's starting to do more things now! She's also enjoying sitting up like a big girl in her bumbo seat:) I'm horrible at documenting these things. (Guess it doesn't help that my camera took a crap and we only use our cell phone cameras!) Need to fix that!
She also made it on the weight charts this month too! She's 13.2 pounds which puts her at 3%! Yippee!! She's a whopping 49% on the height chart so she's got her bro's genes in her for sure! Volleyball/bball player in our future??:)
Sleeping-wise, she was doing awesome at sleeping through the night, however I just recently started putting her in her crib at night. Ever since that happened she wakes up around 1-2 AM and is WIDE awake! C'MON! So not really sure what to do there. Any suggestions?? I'm wondering if she's ready to start cereal to keep her fuller for longer so she'll sleep better? I dunno! Hope we fix that scenario soon!
The boys are doing great....they're each other's best friends as you can see.....:)
(Still fighting the sleeping situation=/) Dying to get them their mattresses so they'll like their beds more. Kahler really hates his. He ends up on the couch about every night. So I hope that helps!
They've really enjoyed their daycare once again. This time around they're in separate rooms during the day. I think this is good so they aren't constantly picking and beating each other up:) And I kind of think they like seeing each other at the end of the day, so it's a good move!
Isaac is still going to Pre-school twice a week. Still loves it too! I recently had his conference meeting with his teacher and she's recommending our next move is to get him tested for a classroom evaluation for "Developmental Delay" or Autism. It was a rough week and pretty hard to swallow, but once I told her we were thinking Autism might be what he's showing signs of, it pretty much broke the ice for her to show her concern to me with that too. So we'll be doing the "educational test" instead of the medical test. Good thing about this is it's free to see where he stands, but we'll have to decide after the results if we'll want it on paperwork for good or to wait. It's a tough subject but we're doing what we can to get him the help he needs. We also know now that he'll definitely be attending there next school year instead of a regular preschool, so that's a little sad too. But his help is the most important thing right now!

Back to some lighter sides of January.....:)
January also brought us a lot of SNOW!! Kahler LOVES going out and enjoying some sledding!

We also spent a fun evening at the Clarks! Love this pic of my good friend, Jenny and I ready to go spend Mommy time in the hot tub in the falling snow and hot chocolate! A.m.a.z.i.n.g.!! Totally recommend this for relaxation! (Don't forget your hat:))

Have a Happy February! Hope it's not too long til next time!!