Thursday, July 29, 2010

My hubby's the BIG 3-0!!

Yesterday morning I drove on home from Ft. Wayne to spend the day with Brock and the boys. Brock celebrated turning 30 on July 28th!
Here's how we spent our day....

Started off with giving him his gifts. Spoiled him a little this year since I just happen to have easy access to the Ft. Wayne shopping area:) I got him all set for school with a couple of Old Navy shirts....and Season 1 & 2 of his favorite TV show "Lie to Me".
Poor guy has given up that show so I can watch Bachelorette this season since they're on at the same times! What a great husband:) I told him I would buy him those 2 seasons if he let me watched it...he said deal!

Here's him opening his cards from the boys and from me...

Sportin' one of the extra soft T's from O.N. -love those!

THEN...we headed out to his parent's pool with the boys. HE didn't know that I already arranged for friends of our to come swimming with us as kind of a little surprise.

I found it funny that apparently me and the boys weren't fun enough cuz he started to call people once we got there to the pool to invite them himself! HA!
Little did he know some of our friends were standing in the driveway already when he called them. The look on his face was hilarious! I got him good:)

Isaac was very chilled in the pool...:)
Kahler was....being Kahler! He thought the goggles were funny:)

Came in for some good lunch and DQ ice cream cake--YUM!

Good stuff:) do u like my son's hair:)
We ended the day getting around...took the boys back home to the sitters...then met up with a few friend at Wings Etc. for his b-day dinner. It was an awesome time! Fun conversation too of course:) I left straight from there to head back to the hospital:( So sad...but I missed my baby girl:( Overall it was an awesome day well spent!

Happy Birthday babe! Thank you for all you do for me and the kids these past couple of weeks. I am amazed at how you take such good care of the boys and still think of me and put me first during this time with Maylin. It's been a life change but you've helped me make it thru the adjustments. Love u so much!! Happy 30th + MANY more!! =)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010's been over a MONTH. Oops!!

Summer has definitely gotten the best of me...but in a good way! I haven't blogged since mid-June so thought it was time for an update on how our summer's been going! It's just going to get crazier so didn't want to dig myself a hole here:) Although if you keep up on facebook with me, then you're not too much in the dark!

(And when your husband looks at your page and says..."you haven't done a post in a while. You need to keep this updated so we don't miss anything." Then yep...I better do it!)

Had just shy of 10 topics to talk about here are the NINE things that have went on this past few weeks.

#1: LANDSCAPING: We finally started digging into our soon-to-be flower bed out front and started marking where we want to put flowers/plants and bushes. It's a lot of fun for me cuz I love flowers...just need more knowledge on the subject I guess.

So far I got my front porch going with a couple potted flowers, ferns and finishing touches. Notice the front where we started digging in....Then we got a call from Brock's cousin who had extra mulch and wanted to know if we wanted it. Um...yeah! Free mulch is good. So here is the bed after with mulch and a couple baby hostas put in. Since then I've had 3 more girls give us free perennials to plant wherever so we have starters! That was awesome!
#2: THUNDERSTORMS/TORNADO's: Ya know, you're typical weather day in Indiana. We had quite the streak of fear of losing power and taking boys down to the basement, trees in the road...trees on was a mess! Luckily for us our worst part of any of it was losing power from 7:30 pm to the middle of the night. Our neighbors had a mess of trees and everything but we got lucky.
Here's the boys enjoying popscicles in the dark with their flashlights:)

....and we resorted to Brock's laptop to watch movies on since my kids went batty when they couldn't watch a movie. Made for a cute picture though:)

#3 KIDDIE POOL...KIDDIE POOL...did I say KIDDIE POOL??! Besides our boys being little fishies in the big pools, we've used our kiddie pool a TON. SO glad I bought this thing. It's been a lifesaver to keep the boys...(and daddy)...cooled down:)

#4 TOY STORY 3: We took the boys to their 1st movie together... and saw Toy Story 3 of course! Their buddy, Jeni came along and we had a great time! And heck they did pretty okay considering the 20 min. previews...sheesh. #5 A FENCE!! We put in our backyard fence!! Woo hoo!! Definitely a day to celebrate! My life is a little more sane when I take the boys to the backyard now. No more chasing them to the neighbors yard and coralling them back to our property. Nice.
The help we had in one day to put this fence in was insane. So appreciated! We still have some staining, stretching and finishing touches to put on it, but right now, it serves its primary purpose of keeping my boys prisoners:) (See pic below! ha ha!)

#6 VACATION! We took our 1st EVER family vacation to South Haven, MI. L.O.V.E. this town. It's like a fancy Mayberry. If you need somewhere fun to go to where there's a beach and cutie town and cool shops...this is it. It only took us an hour and a half. We've been here a couple times before...but this was a first taking our boys!
Isaac's 1st experience with a beach! He loved the waves right away! He would crack up when the white caps would get to him:) So cute!
Kahler had a ball hurling himself into the water and flopping himself all over in the sand after. What a goof!Love this one. Got both of them in the water with the lighthouses and pirate ship in the background. Yeah, random pirate ships go by in South Haven. Pretty cool huh?
This particular place is pretty special. Not because of the pretty swing and gorgeous flowers, but because 6 years ago on July 16th, 2004...Brock proposed to me right here! It's in the flower garden of a bed and breakfast called Yelton Manor where we stayed back then. Here we are...6 years later...and I'd hafta say things a changed a little:)
At the lookout point with our boys! First (and last) getaway with just the 4 of us!
#7 THE 4th of JULY: After we arrived home from South Haven, we jumped right into celebrating the 4th of July weekend!
Here's all the Wogoman grandkids with their 4th gear on!
(And we're nuts...adding 2 more onto this gang by November!)
After my parent's we went up to Brock's Grandpa's cottage on Fish Lake.
1st boat ride of the summer...
...and 1st time tubing with Daddy!
#8 BABY SHOWER: Had a baby shower thrown by our "track girls"...meaning managers/babysitters. Chelsea, Brittany and their bf's are just awesome when it comes to our this was pretty special. It was so fun to have a fun evening with our track family:)
Did a lot of swimming!! I call them "rocket water babies" in this one:) lol.

#9 BABY BELLY! And last but not least...the Bell-ey! Yikes this girl is getting B.I.G. This is @ 30 7 1/2 months. 10 more weeks to go. Yep. Not so much more room to grow in there!
And it's pretty bad when your husband looks at you and says..."you're not big anywhere else but THERE! WOW!" He's definitely noticing how big I'm feeling lately.
Things like bending over are getting harder...and sleeping- getting more uncomfortable.
Already starting to see the midwives every 2 weeks now. At my appointment last week she was joking with me that the babies' weights might follow a trend and get smaller as I birth them:) Isaac was 9.3 lbs, Kahler was 8.13 lbs....wouldn't be so nice if she was a 7 pounder??! wow! I wouldn't mind that's for sure:)
My next worry is that I'll be 36 weeks going back to school to work in mid-August. I'm having reoccurring "nightmares" that my water is going to break at school or start labor in front of students or something. Definitely DO NOT want that to happen!

Anywho...will try harder to keep you updated on how the rest of our summer, and this pregnancy, flies by!