Friday, December 4, 2009

K-bub's 15 month Pics

Pictures taken once again by Darcy! =) Thanks dear!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Destination: Nashville, TN
Purpose: Business trip for Brock to speak @ a Paxton Patterson Convention
(code for wined and dined at an all-expense paid trip! woo hoo!)
Where we stayed: The Gaylord Opryland Hotel
All decked out for Christmas with 2 million + Christmas lights everywhere! So beautiful!

Nativity Scene...amazing.

The Xmas tree outside of the Convention Center-pretty:)

We're here! so tired too!
The Cascades lobby...this was where we stayed. I could not get over how much was under one roof....10 acres in one hotel! It was incredible! There were at least 4 big lobbies like ours and a "mini city" in another part, along with the convention center. And
I never got sick of looking at all these beautiful lights!! So awesome!

Delta Lobby...also decorated for Christmas

Huge Christmas stockings....very cool

Our room! So nice!

Brock chillin'

The Country Music Hall of Fame!
Architecture of this building is made to look like a record spinning at the left, the windows are supposed to look like piano keys, and the far right (not pictured) is like the front of a cadillac. very cool!
Onto the tour....

Brock and Johnny....buds.
The scribble lyrics to "Days Go By" written by Monty Powell & Keith Urban or course!
The suit...of Trace Adkins...the guy is amazing...and huge!
Brock's floating head:)
Hall of Fame Circle....George Strait...another big fave

Sayin' bye to my man, Tim:) (Brock thought he was staring him down! ha ha!)
Night life strip....Broadway in Music City!

"The Stage" of many places around that had live band entertainment all the awesome!

Brock thought it was funny to put his "G" hat all it was traveling...yeah u get the picture:)
I want this sign! Love it!
Visited our good friend Doug @ work! It was SO good to see him! Funny that he was a high school friend of mine and a college friend of Brock's....coincidence! He's working on his music break like most people there are. He's got a great website up for it out!
Next stop: "The Wildhorse Saloon"....and Brock was being funny again:)
Huge place with line dancing lessons, more live music and good food! We ate dinner there and sat and watched all the fun!
The reason why we were here: Brock's on the agenda!!
I forget how awesome of a speaker he is...did such a good job!
stud. :)
After the convention...
Celebrated our last evening @ Wasabi's...bring on the sushi!! yum!
Last night much fun in Nashville!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


We had a very enjoyable day this Halloween! Brock and I took the boys to watch the FHS Vball team win their 1st round of Regionals...(who later won in the championship game that night). Brock's treat for going with me was some donuts from the Rise-n-Roll Bakery in Middlebury. These are absolutely aMaZiNG! Especially the Caramel Cinnamon you can see below...we had plenty yesterday!
Got the boys prepped to pass out candy to trick-or-treaters at our house!
Here's Issac sporting his Halloween T-shirt!
And K-bub with his "My Mummy Say's I'm Sweeter Than this Candy" Tshirt:)
The trick-or-treaters making their rounds on our street...and Brock finishing up the mowing! ha ha!
Our 1st trick-or-treaters! This is our scary niece and nephew (Brock's brother's kids) Kaitlyn, the witch and Cody, who is Mr Michael Jackson! Ha ha!
After passin' out candy we headed over to the Clark's house to see their haunted front porch...
Got to see Lilly the strawberry and Lincoln!
Isaac was just thrilled to go play with their train set again!
The awesome! Scared lots of little kidlets too!
The creepy barrel that pops out at ya!
And Graham, being the kid he is, as a warewolf up in the tree! It was so funny a little girl looked up and said "Oh whatever it's just a monkey up there"! So funny! She didn't have a sense of humor at all apparently!

Hope you all had a fun and Happy Halloween! =)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Color me HAPPY!

Every Sunday Isaac's Sunday school class colors a picture. When we started going to church at Grace he didn't adjust well at first going into the toddler's room, then once he finally got used to that, we had to move him into the 2's room (go figure, right?). It's more of a structured class where they play, have story time, color, snack and play more. So it's really good for him. (even though he didn't always understand what exactly he was supposed to do all the time) One thing that I found was that I would get a little sad and disappointed when we first kept picking him up from class and ALL the kids in there would color...but Isaac wouldn't. It was just kinda sad.

Then I remember the first Sunday I picked him up and we were given this picture....
He colored!!! You can't see it that well but there are little green marks on the bunny above:) We were thrilled!
Before we knew it we had a 2 year old that LOVED to color from that point on. You can catch Isaac doing this activity in his room on his new activity table ALL the time....

So NOW when we pick him up from Sunday school...not only does he color a TON....
...but he colors SO much that he has to turn the page over and do the other side too:)
God is GOOD!!=) It puts a smile on our faces every Sunday!

And I'll leave you with a couple silly pics of K-bub....
He made his way up to the table (again) to snag an apple...the kid LOVES apples and just chomps into 'em!

All set and ready to go to a friend's bday party and just couldn't take it any longer...the kid was READY for his nap!! HA! But it's still too cute:)