Monday, March 22, 2010

...and BABY makes FIVE!!

*Wednesday, February 17th, 2010: Phone call from Brock on the way home, "Ok which tests do you want me to pick up from Walgreens?"

(Flashback to Sun. Feb. 14th-3 days earlier)
About 1-2 weeks prior to that evening I had been feeling completely yucky and tired in the evenings. Nothing sounded good for supper, and I could smell EVERYTHING!
I even vomited at my oh-so-favorite restaraunt, Hana Yori's, after I couldn't handle the soup, salad and veggies, and rice. Once the main course came, that was all it took! (Picture if you will- my main meal, chicken and lobster sitting there in full portions in front of me.) I tried a piece of lobster, seeing if I could manage to eat it. Then discreetly spitting it out in the napkin. If that wasn't enough, stupid me tried the chicken next! Then yep-that went in the napkin too! I had it and made my way to the bathroom discreetly fast! After that I felt much better and got the rest of my food to-go, because stupid me couldn't waste a meal @ Hana Yori's...ever!
To top it off, it was on Valentine's day on a couple's date with our friends, the Clark's. I was in total denial that we were once again pregnant....again! We continued to joke about it on the way home and I kept thinking how bizarre that would be if I was.

(Back to Wednesday evening:)
So Brock took the initiative to make me take a test...cuz he just wanted to know. I was too scared to know!
He gets home and I went and took the test instead of waiting til morning when it supposedly gets a more accurate reading. Well...didn't need any more accuracy than what I got. Within a minute 2 lines popped right up.
"Oh we go." I thought. No tears, nothing. I was in plain shock I think. Brock, on the other hand, was of course, happy. As always. Of course he's happy, he doesn't have to get blown up to a blimp for the 3rd time in 3 years! He gets to enjoy the end result so lucky him:-P

So our adventure with Baby #3 begins....

I had my 1st OB appointment on Wed. March 10th (which orginially was just a normal annual appt. in the 1st place that I had to change the status to). My midwife, Amy thought that was pretty funny! She checked me and guesstimated I was around 8-9 weeks, but wanted to do an ultrasound to make sure. We couldn't hear a heartbeat either so I thought that would have been about right. That would have put us around mid-October, which I was pretty ok with. By Brock and I's not-so-sure calculations before, we were guessing it'd be around Oct. or even November.

Convenientally, they had an opening for the next morning for the ultrasound. I was anxious to find out more of the due date, so I scheduled it. I went in once again and here is what I saw....
yeah....that baby is a lot bigger than a peanut!! As I'm noticing it's prominent limbs wiggling everywhere, the U.S. tech thought, "oh this baby looks to be about 12-13 weeks."
Say WHAT?! That was a little much to take in, I tell ya. As she did all the measurements to see where we were, the little baby got an accurate stretch reading at 12 weeks and 5 days.

"So your due date will be around Sept. 18th."
Ok....that's A LOT sooner than we anticipated! Less time to mentally prepare, less time to save up money, less time to potty-train our boys, less time til we're officially out-numbered...ok the pressure is on!! We're praying it all works out! Being through the 1st trimester in literally a flash explains why I've wanted to pig out like crazy, and why I haven't been near as tired as I was.
The funny part about the due date: Kahler's due date was 9-18 too and he arrived on the 10th. Huh...gonna have the exact pregnancy timing with this one too.
I'll keep you all posted on how the rest of the 26 weeks go! They're gonna fly is what I'm thinking!
Here are the rest of my favorite pictures....
The arm laying against the head...oh so sweet!
profile shot, head on left to legs on right sticking up in the air
Check out that leg!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kahler's 18 mo./Brother pics!

K-bub is 18 months old today! Sunday we had a very nice day outside so Darcy chased my kiddos around the Sunnyside Park playground snapping photos! It was a great idea! I liked how they came out!
He is doing so many funny things right now with him mimicking and imitating! Some of his popular words right now are:
"el-MO"(accentuated on the "MO" part:))
"papa"(and every time I say papa to him he immediately looks outside in our driveway for his truck with his lights!)
"choo choo"
"jewoose" (juice)
(I'm sure I'm forgetting some but those are what I hear on a daily basis!)
He is definitely one happy kid!
my favorite blues:)

Is he handsome or what?:)

A typical Kahler pose...

This kid cracks me up!

So does Isaac! They thought sitting in a mini recliner in the middle of a wide open space outside was pretty funny or something:)

He's so big now! :( Can't believe he'll be 3 in 2 months! wow.

My boys....lovin' life

A great pic of them together!