Thursday, June 26, 2008

For Sale!

....Our House!

So I thought it was finally time to write about our situation with our house. We've had this thing up for sale since October. At the time, we just thought, yeah it's time to find something a bit bigger. Don't get me wrong, we absolutely loved this cutie house when we were newly weds. (We will have owned this house 4 years in September.) Even with Isaac it isn't so bad, but after this other baby arrives, I think it will get super small...super fast! Well, as you all know, the economy stinks right now...and nothing is selling! I know several people who have shared the same frustrations when trying to sell. Trust me, we do know this now! January rolled around and we had maybe 3 showings total so far...and then found out we were pregnant with our 2nd baby. So the anxiety about selling the house on time definitely set in since then, especially as of today, we've not had an offer yet:( We've had tons of showings since the weather's been nice, but no more interest than that...not good! We even talked about price reduction which we didn't want to do, but we'll see. We would really like to get it sold before September just to save the hassle of moving the new baby too. So the countdown is on! It's been almost 9 months on the market so it's time!!

Recently we had an open house, and then had a showing today, which did go pretty well actually! Lots of prayers that something good happens with that!
Here are some outdoor pics of the house:
Front view....
Side view with the kitchen off to the left...
Our back deck (my favorite part of the house!)
The deck with view of back yard and detached garage.

So if any of you know ANYONE looking for a starter house...send them our way! Or have them call Shiela our real estate agent...she's great! (# is in 1st pic). For all the info and specs on our house go to Look under Goshen, IN. It's listed @ $96,900.
Our MLS # is 9914430. Great slide show of the inside of the house are on there too! Any help spreading the word would be so appreciated...thanks:)

On another note, Isaac and I went and helped (well I helped:))@ a BIG yard sale today. We're talkin' at least 10 tables of stuff, cars, lawn mowers, name it-it is huge! It was thrown by our old neighbors, Dan and Jenn who lived right beside us since we moved in. They asked us to put things in their sale if we wanted to. So we made some $ we didn't have before-yay! It's on SR 119 just SW of CR 40. Going on Fri & Sat 9-5, so stop by!

Funny story about Dan and Jenn is that we got married exactly the same time, moved into our homes the same time, had our babies next door to each other IN the hospital 20 min. apart! and put our houses up for sale...the same time! How crazy is that?! They moved out early though and live with Dan's parents, where the yard sale was today. Their daughter Zoa, is so funny, and her and Isaac took a wagon ride today with Dan's dad.
Isaac liked it....

...then he saw Mommy and was ready to get out! Go figure!
...I thought they were cute pics though:)

So that's the update on us! Oh and the baby is 28 weeks along as of yesterday...we reached the 7 month mark! Only 3 to go:-/ Yikes!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


So a lot of NEW things have been happening lately and thought I would share some of them with all of you:)
*NEW thing #1: Brock's cousin, Dan and his wife AnnDee just had their 1st baby boy last week! His name is Zachary. But let me tell ya...this boy was a whopping 10 lbs. 11 oz.!! He was a HOSS! Here we thought Isaac was huge and he was (only) 9.3! LOL! Mr. Zach already has huge thighs and is hilarious! But he is one beauty of a boy:) Thank the Lord AnnDee had a C-Sect. done too!! Whew that would have been rough!! So we're very excited to have a new Reiff baby on the Maust side...congrats you guys!
Here's Brock's cousin, Dan holding Isaac and Brock holding Baby Zach!
*New thing #2: Isaac has a NEW awareness and may I add, fondness of his cousin, Lincoln:) These 2 are just under 5 mo. apart from each other so we know they'll probably be pretty close. But this is fun to watch because before Isaac completely ignored Lincoln, and Linc just wanted his attention so bad! It was quite humorous! But all of sudden, Isaac will stay where he's at to either share or take away toys from his new bud:) (This could get interesting!)
Another reason I know Isaac loves Linc now is because my son has the weirdest fettish with rubbing ears! I have no idea why, but he does it when we hold him, when he's tired or just because he wants to know we're there.
So....we have proof Isaac likes Linc now as you will observe in the pics below!
First...notice how Linc is catching up with Isaac in height?! So crazy!

Here they are actually playing together at the exersaucer:) It looks like baby talk going on! hee hee!

And here, Isaac made his move! He found Linc's ears! Ha ha! We know it's love:)

...and back to playing together....

...but Isaac could not resist...he had to rub those ears again!! (mind you the whole fam was cracking up at this!) So now we know....Isaac has a NEW love for cousin, Linc:) It's great!

*NEW thing #3: I have a new wardrobe!!'s new to me because it's maternity clothes for summer!! BUT ...the catch is they are of course borrowed! Ha ha! Yeah, we do NOT have funds to just go buy me clothes...and of course my son has to look good! That's how it goes! But feels like I have new clothes cuz I can now wear things that will cover me up right this summer! With Isaac I had a fall/winter/spring pregnancy, and this one is completely opposite. So thanks to 2 great girlfriends, they supplied me with their summer stuff! Thanks Melissa and Jamie! I'm very excited about this!

So here is my "section" in my closet of summer maternity shirts:)

And...all shorts, capris, jeans, dress pants...I am good to go!

New thing #4: My part time job @ the Nut Shoppe now moved it's store to a NEW location on Main Street! And I have NEW hours to work this summer which is Mondays and Saturdays instead of just Saturdays! We were very excited about the move at the beginning of the month and the store is awesome! I completely recommend that you come on by to visit if you have a sweet tooth:) We went from a tiny hole in the wall on a side street to a huge place that is about 4 times joke! No more climbling up a ladder into the ceiling to get to our storage:) Big plus! Here are some pics of the new place!

Look for the black and tan canopy right across Main St. from Newell's and just south of the Electric Brew. The Staff: Donna (employee), Pat (employee & Danae's mom), Danae (owner), me (employee) and my Mom, Bobbie(employee)
Here is the view from the door when you walk in.
...and a view from the back of the store.
Includes a cute! AND that's right...there's an ice cream cooler! We have wonderful ice cream:)
What would a Nut Shoppe be without...of course...NUTS!!
...and chocolate covered NUTS! :)
The famous Jelly Belly wall! Yup...every flavor is right here!
...and last but not least...the famous hand-dipped creams...made right here in the store! Very yummy stuff I tell ya!
So that's my NEW place of work until my next baby comes:) Hope you liked the tour!

And now for the finale....

NEW thing #5 is......

ISAAC'S NEW TANLINE!! ha ha ha ha! We had him air out after he had gone swimming and he just loved going streaking:) My kid is crazy sometimes!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!

To Brock(my husband & Isaac's Daddy):

A little over a year ago, on May 16th, 2007, you officially became a Daddy! I'm pretty sure (besides marrying me of course-ha ha!) it was one of the best days of your life:) You always asked me why I love you and I always USED to say "because you're a great dad to Dakota(our dog!)" ha ha! Of course I was joking, cuz I could never be the serious mushy type:p...and it always drove you crazy that I said that! But then that "play love" grew into what's indescribable when I watched you become a father to Isaac. I don't remember ever being more proud of you or more proud to have the 2 greatest boys ever.

Some days I don't know how you put up with me or my craziness (especially during my preggo days-like now!) You put yourself through so much, like being a full time teacher, a 2-sport coach, a master's student, and a summer-time side-job worker(nice title huh!) and you still manage to always put family first and somewhere find the energy to come home and play with your son. I don't know how you do it sometimes! You seriously are an amazing father and I've never felt more lucky to have you in both my life and Isaac's!

Here is a "mini slide show" of my favorite pics of you and your son:) Enjoy!

The first day Isaac was born... were so proud:)
I loved watching the 2 of you.
You were always so loving.
You could never keep your eyes off of him:)
First days of adventure were great for the both of you!
You always made it fun... matter where we had to go.
You were always there to help him out....
...or to keep him occupied:)
You loved the quiet times...
...and the funny ones:)
From every new moment... every new toy:)
...and through every new experience!

Isaac and Mommy will always love the
that you are!! :)


Thursday, June 12, 2008

In Loving Memory.....

Joshua Welton Rodesiler
December 2oth, 1988 - June 7th, 2008

Last Saturday we lost a dear friend, Josh (aka "Rodie"). I don't remember going through a harder week than this when coming to the realization that such an amazing person is gone so fast and so suddenly. So Rodie, this post is dedicated to you in your memory.

We started to get to to know you your sophomore year of high school when you ran track. Brock was in his first year as an assistant coach. The next two years when he was head coach during your career, that was when we started to get to know you so well, and you definitely gave us a lasting impression of Josh Rodesiler from then on! As our relationship with you over the years grew, so many memories were made. As an athlete, it was so fun to watch your competitive drive when you ran. You were a sprinter, which describes exactly the way you lived life-at full speed:) But we knew you as more than just an athlete, and even as a student @ GHS, we opened our doors to our home and you continued to build the strong friendship that we all did with your continued visits to just come chat on our back deck. We will always cherish those talks we had with whatever was on your mind-you never held anything back!

Rodie, here are some things(funny and momentous) that come to mind when we think of you....

-The day you decided you were going to mow our lawn when it looked like an amazon one day! You insisted on even bringing down your own mower! And the funny part was you didn't bag what was mowed, then our yard just looked like a hay field! But we didn't tell you at the time;)

-Track meets, and you just being you. You thought you were ALL THAT and a bag of chips sometimes:) But we loved it! Your confidence in yourself never faltered, and that was a quality that everybody admired...most of the time!

-Walking around our house and stopping in the middle of whatever you were doing just to check yourself out in one of our mirrors. I don't think I've ever known anyone that looked in a mirror more than you did in a day! That modeling career you were dreaming about would have fit you perfectly:)

-Trying to set you up with Jeni...enough said:) Who would of known that a disaster first date with a road rager like yourself would have bloomed into such an amazing friendship between the 2 of you! As much as Brock worried, I always gave you the benefit of the doubt that you would take care of her, and you always did as a best friend. We were both looking forward to you both being at BSU next year and listening to all your fun times when you would come back to visit. Don't think you're off the hook though! We still expect you to take care of our girl! We'll never forget the time you guys T-Peed our house when you were out being crazy:) Or our fun outing together to Hana Yori's to celebrate your B-days in December. That place will never be the same. The many fun times wherever we were together will never be forgotten, nor will it ever be the same when it's just the 3 of us and we always felt like calling you up to see what you were doing. It was always just that easy...and we'll miss that so much.

-Very fond memories I have of you were the first days we were home from the hospital with Isaac. You and your boys were over right away:) And I was so excited for Isaac to meet his Uncle Rodie! You even were there a year later @ his 1st Birthday party with Jeni. I was SO happy you came to celebrate and just be there. I never got to thank you for the Nemo ball and frog pool:) You guys are the best!

With all of those things said, this past week was so hard. Last Saturday I was @ work til 2, came home and saw Jeni sitting on my couch. I was so excited and so surprised to see her that I didn't realize she had been crying. Then I thought something was wrong with her, only to hear from Brock what I thought I'd never hear. When he told me you had died early that morning, the feeling was nothing but denial at first. There was no way you could be gone so fast. It's different you know, when you lose somebody, like both my Grandpa's, to an illness. In those situations, you can sort of mentally prepare for those things. Not with you though. You loved taking the world by surprise, and this time you definitely did just that! I couldn't believe I'd never see you again or just talk to you again. And I had just talked to you earlier in the week to see how you were doing with all you were going through already. And just that previous Monday, you were sitting on our back deck filling us in on all that you were going through. I guess I'm relieved that those little things are the least of your worries now.

The days after we found out were a blur...however it hit pretty hard to see your best friends come over right away. Although,you have some pretty amazing friends. I'm sure you knew that:) They just continued to tell the best stories of you-and we were so happy they spent that time to tell us how they were feeling that day.
Here is a pic of your boys playing with Isaac(I'm glad he was being so entertaining for them!):
The day of your viewing we stayed throughout those times, mainly so Brock could see through any track athletes that came. Witnessing all the people that came to see you because you somehow impacted their lives was so amazing. You were such a people person, and everybody loved that about you. In some way, you left a mark on your friends that they have that to hang on to now. Once again, it was fun to hear all the stories they had about you:) Even at your own viewing, I still couldn't get over how good you looked. I kept joking though that you would never not look good on the day of your own funeral:) That just wouldn't be an option! It was nice to see that it wasn't some big formal viewing, with a long stiff line of people just waiting and waiting some more. Everyone just freely felt like they could go around and talk to whoever, and go up and see you whenever. And it fit you perfectly.

The funeral was a beautiful service. Brock was asked to speak by your mom and pastor. He was so nervous, but I knew when he'd get up there, he knew what he needed to say. It was such an honor for him to do that for you. And I have a feeling you would have wanted him up there;) During the dinner after your Mom came up and thanked us, and proceeded to tell us that she had your wallet. She laughed and said there was no money in it, however there was just one picture. And that picture was of Isaac:) Hearing that from her left me with a feeling that you were always there for us and never let us or anyone down. I'm so glad she told us that, and left me with the feeling that our little guy meant something in your life. We'll make sure he knows who his Uncle Rodie was:) *promise!*

I'll leave you with a "tribute picture" of Brock doing your signature pose: (He's got it down pretty good, doesn't he?!)

Thanks for being the amazing person you always were and hope you're having a blast partying with the Big Man:) We won't forget you, but we'll be seeing you, buddy! Can't wait!!
Brock, Linz & Isaac