Monday, July 18, 2011

Dedicated to the Birthday Girl!

Dear May May,

One year ago on this day, our family went through what was probably the scariest moment in our lifetime. At this point I had been in the hospital laboring on and off for 5 days starting at 30 weeks and 5 days along. You decided you wanted to see the world a lot earlier than expected. After 2 normal full-term pregnancies with your big bro's, this was definitely an unprepared moment for us. Take the fact that your daddy was at the time in North Carolina for a training conference, imagine the state of panic when I called him letting him know our baby girl was going to come any time now. God had definitely showed us He was in control with his timing and how everything worked out. I had arrived in Ft. Wayne by ambulance and your dad showed up not 10 minutes later into that very room. Amazing. Once labor was stopped a few times throughout the course of those days, it wasn't enough to keep you from doing what you wanted to do. Thank God I was in the hospital when my water broke at 5:00 pm on the dot because a short 17 minutes later....there you were.....

                                                     31 Weeks and 1 Day along....
All 3 pounds and 12 ounces of you:)

You were perfect.

I documented this daily journey here: ,and so glad I did. When I re-read what you went through it all comes back raw with emotion all over again. I am continually amazed at how strong of a baby you were, and what you've become in just one short year.

In honor of your big day, here is a quick photo timeline of your first year.....enjoy:)

Here you are!
6 days old...

at home....almost 1 month old!

2 months....Newborn pics...

Mommy's girl:)

3 Months...

4 months...

5 Months....Your 1st Christmas

Happy Valentine's:)

7 months...

8 Months...

9 months...1st Easter

10 Months...

11 months...your 1st swim!

At the NICU Reunion

Almost 1 year old!

Some fun facts about Lady May at 1 year old.....

*I am guessing you are about 18-19 lbs. by now. At 10 months you were 17.3 lbs so we'll see!
*You are wear a wide-range of 6 month to 12 month clothes! Gestationally, you are a 10 month old, so I'm pretty darn amazed at how fast you caught up so quickly!
*You wear Size 2 in diapers
*You have 2 cute little bottom toofers:) At this point your bro's had a whole you're a late teether to me!
*You LOVE the water! Heck with the kiddie pool, you get ticked if you aren't in the big-kid pool!
*You are sleeping all through the nights for us about 11 hrs....we only hope that keeps going:)
*You nap normally twice a day
*You recently started using a sippy cup
*You are army crawling ALL over...and have learned how to go up to a sit from there.
*You go up on all 4's quite a bit, I think you'll be crawling on all 4's very soon!
*You can pull yourself up to a stand on occasion
*You love your car rides!
*You still love your paci and blankie to sleep with
*You say "da da" and "mum mum" a lot when you want us
*You started waving bye and clapping more
*You love your baby food still...and like everything we give you.
*You haven't had much people food yet, in fact, you weren't stoked about your b-day cake...which was kind of disappointing, but I wasn't surprised!
*You light up whenever Daddy or your brothers come into the room
*You giggle and laugh when they each give you a goodnight kiss before I lay you down in your crib for bed.
*You think Kahler is hilarious! You crack up/belly laugh whenever he makes goofy noises at you.
*You always want Isaac. You always grab at him and love pulling at his hair. He makes you smile:)
*You share a love for movies like your brothers already. You even like the same ones they do. (Like you have a choice?!:)) I think you prefer "Tangled" though!
*I would say you have the widest range of babysitters that really love you. We have trusted you in their care when I went back to work and I don't regret one bit of the people we chose. To this day, many of them love and miss you all the time!
*What we love are the smiliest, happiest baby ever! We are extremely blessed you have been such an easy 3rd baby to complete our family! And that's how it's felt....complete.

So HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY to you, sweet girl! You stole our hearts and blessed our lives from day 1....I cannot wait to see what a beautiful little lady you will grow up to be one day:) We love you to the moon and back!

Love Mommy, Daddy, Isaac &K-bub

(Stay tuned for pics from the big Par-tay!!)