Saturday, October 31, 2009

Color me HAPPY!

Every Sunday Isaac's Sunday school class colors a picture. When we started going to church at Grace he didn't adjust well at first going into the toddler's room, then once he finally got used to that, we had to move him into the 2's room (go figure, right?). It's more of a structured class where they play, have story time, color, snack and play more. So it's really good for him. (even though he didn't always understand what exactly he was supposed to do all the time) One thing that I found was that I would get a little sad and disappointed when we first kept picking him up from class and ALL the kids in there would color...but Isaac wouldn't. It was just kinda sad.

Then I remember the first Sunday I picked him up and we were given this picture....
He colored!!! You can't see it that well but there are little green marks on the bunny above:) We were thrilled!
Before we knew it we had a 2 year old that LOVED to color from that point on. You can catch Isaac doing this activity in his room on his new activity table ALL the time....

So NOW when we pick him up from Sunday school...not only does he color a TON....
...but he colors SO much that he has to turn the page over and do the other side too:)
God is GOOD!!=) It puts a smile on our faces every Sunday!

And I'll leave you with a couple silly pics of K-bub....
He made his way up to the table (again) to snag an apple...the kid LOVES apples and just chomps into 'em!

All set and ready to go to a friend's bday party and just couldn't take it any longer...the kid was READY for his nap!! HA! But it's still too cute:)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Pumpkin Patch '09

On our way to the Fashion Farm! They are SO thrilled:)

Picnic time...

Manny from Ice Age...and Isaac:)

K-bub and the Sesame Street dudes

Isaac checkin' out Elmo

The measuring wall....keeping track of how big my boys are!!

All of us

The boys and their pumpkin picks

Isaac havin' a good time=)

Annual family pic with our Colt's gear of course=)

Monday, October 5, 2009

1 is sweeter times 3!!

We celebrated Kahler, Kloie and Smith's 1st birthdays together @ my sister's house
Theme: Jungle Safari!
Result: really really cute!!
Cake table...
Each with their individual cakes, cupcakes and monkey bread!

Decorations...completed with blow up animals too!

The birthday babies!!
Smith (aka: "Smitty") who will be turning 1 on 10/29, Kahler (aka: "K-bub" (turned 1 on 9/10) and Kloie (aka: "Klo-Klo") turned 1 on 9/8.
I made them each a shirt with their nicknames and a #1 on the back:)
They all got a riding toy! a big hit!

The cakes
Kahler's elephant, Smith's lion, and Kloie's monkey
Cake time!!
Us mommies and our babies
Liz (sis-in-law), me, and Kristi (sister)
Diggin' in!! Kahler was a pro at this by now:)
Kloie lovin' her cake!
...and Smith in frosting heaven!

What a fun time and many more birthdays together to come!!