Saturday, July 25, 2009

*eLkHaRt Co. 4H fAiR 2oo9!*

Day 1: Saturday, July 18th
Pictures w/ the tractor! I always take one next to the Allis-chalmers for Gpa Wog:)
Isaac wasn't all thrilled about the fair this year:/ Can't wait til he starts liking it!
Got him to pet the donkey and its baby...pretty cool!
...and he LOVED the pop w/ the big straw! This is a once in a lifetime occurrence this kid gets pop! Fair is an exception:)
Getting ready to stay the night @ the camper! K-bub thinks he's big stuff here!
Day 2: Sunday, July 19th
Woke up and walked to the Pancake & Sausage tent for some breakfast
Walked around a bit then Brock took Isaac home for a nap, I stayed with Kahler and watched the parade
"Too noisy for you, Kahler?" !
Day 3: Monday July 20th
(aka: Brock & Lindsay's date night)
The boys stayed with their Amish sitter for the day...they had so much fun!
I came out to watch the Beef Show then met up with Matt & JaNae who came from Bluffton to watch ....
Great concert!! We had 12th row seats so it wasn't bad at all!
Brock had football camp then booked it over to make it for the concert...
Matt & JaNae
JaNae & me
After the concert we walked around and grabbed some junk food then headed home! It was a fun kid-free evening!
Day 4: Thursday, July 23rd
Tractor pull day! Brock & I went out for a little bit together, then I took him to FB camp, then I got to come back out and watch a lot more of the pulls and Round Robin. It was such a nice night out and it was fun to hang out with some old high school buds and catch up. I didn't stay as late as it I missed the good tractors...oh well:(
Day 5: Friday, July 24th
Last outing with the boys!
Walked around, watched some of the Beef auction, then took the boys on pony rides! These were the only rides we attempted this year just because of cost and the fact that they won't remember any anyways! But the pony rides are good photo opps of course;)
Sad to say...but Isaac wasn't a fan of the ponies:( Huge bummer!
Kahler on the other hand, LOVED it! I was laughing so hard trying to keep him ON the pony cuz he was being such a ham trying to wave at everybody! So hilarious! "Hi daddy!" (see what I mean?!)
We ended the evening by taking our annual family pic in front of the ferris wheel....
...they were tuckered out! I'll be happy to take them to the fair when they start to enjoy it as much as their mommy does:)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

1st Zoo Adventure!

July 12th 2009
Fort Wayne Children's Zoo
The 4 of us...ready to start the day!
My brother, Buff, & their boys: Smitty & Lincoln Best buds: K-bub & Papaw
Brock & Isaac; Kahler & Grandma looking at the birdies
K-bub & Mommy
Isaac's favorite part...the sea lions!
So serious!
Isaac's pose on top of Daddy's shoulders throughout the day:)
train ride!

Us w/ Isaac on the African Journey sky lift
Mommy & Isaac
My 2 goofs:)
Our feast!
Playing in the fountain of course!
On his last leg! This kid was OUT by the time we left the parking lot at 3 PM! Long day!
One tuckered out baby!
Isaac's souvenir: A Tiger! (Kahler got a giraffe) Hoping he gets attached to this and leaves mommy's ears alone....(fat chance!) lol!

Friday, July 10, 2009

July 9th & 10th= 2 Milestones!

Milestone #1
*4 Years Ago*
July 9th, 2005...
I married the most amazing man!
So much has happened in what seems such a short time...and we are extremely blessed!
*Brock has been teaching and coaching (track, football) @ GHS ever since we were engaged.
*I, on the other hand, took on 3 totally different jobs (Secretary, Sub, and now a para) and coached (gymnastics, volleyball) 3 years total--guess that's my magic number=)
*We have moved 2 times total (into 8th St., into basement) and are about to move a 3rd time!
*And last but not least, we have 2 beautiful boys that entered our lives 2 years ago and we couldn't be happier without them!
Life is good=)
We celebrated our anniversary by going out that evening for some Texas Roadhouse! It had been so long since we've been there! The boys stayed with their amish sitter, who they have not seen all summer. So they had a blast staying with them again!
Happy Anniversary babe! Can't wait for the next 4 years and MANY more with you!! Love ya!

Milestone #2
Look Who's 10 Months today!
....It's Cowboy Kahler! Giddy-up!! =)

He had an exciting day starting with his (9 month...i know we're behind!) wellness appointment @ the doctor's.
He weighed in at a whopping 22lbs. 12oz. (75 %) & was 31 inches long (97%)
After we got home him and big brother played outside in the sprinkler pool...good times=)

*Splash splash!*
And for the grand finale!....
Look who thinks he's big stuff now!
Standing up on his own! He's so proud of himself=)
Walking should be coming along any day soon! He's already taking 1-2 steps on his own!
Oh boy oh boy!
Hope you've liked reading about our's been a fun couple of days!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Terrible 2's".....???


"Adorable 2's"...???!
(I'm not so sure it looks like he's drowning a baby here! lol!)

You be the judge =)