Tuesday, August 26, 2008

37 Week Update and MOVING!

Today I had my baby appointment for 37 weeks with Nancy, another midwife. Nothing really major to check this time...but I'm still measuring right at 37! Very happy about that:) Everything is very normal and healthy so far! Still haven't gained the whopping 40 lbs. that I did with Isaac, but I'm afraid it's creeping up on me faster than I think! Yikes:/ I have felt more swelling in my fingers, toes and legs a bit, but nothing like i did at the end with him. So I hope it doesn't get too bad. Right now I'm concentrating a lot on keeping him in a good postition, so he doesn't have all his limbs facing out. Doing a lot of sitting forward and hands/knees and all that fun stuff. She said his back was facing out so that was good! I go back next Tuesday to see Amy. That's all of that news for now!
And yes, we started our moving process! We're officially loading (hopefully) the rest of our stuff up on Sunday. Our friend that's renting from us for a few months is letting us keep it completely furnished, which is such a help for us...and for him as well! Still I'm a little stressed this week with thinking about all the little personal knick knack things we have around our house that I know our friend won't want in there! I hate organizing and boxing up things like that...so annoying! So I'm just going to try to take it a day at a time and see how it goes. Brock keeps telling me not to do too much...but it's just hard when my house feels like a disaster area right now! Today I moved a lot of nursery stuff out of Isaac's room, loaded it up, and took it to my parent's basement. So I felt good I got something done!
After we're settled in next weekend then I know I'll be ready for the baby to make his appearance anytime after that! Hopefully sooner than later!

Oh and a football update! Brock's freshman team played @ Carroll last night and they won their first game 7-0!! Brock is in charge of the defense so he was super excited they didn't get scored on:) So good job honey! Hopefully it's another undefeated season for your boys!
This Friday night Goshen's varsity has another home game, which I'm very excited to go to by myself, sit with the coach's wives and relax a bit:) I took Isaac with me last weekend to the Fairfield and Goshen games and it was a long night! He did very good, but man I was worn out! So I'm very happy Grandma W. is taking him overnight for me this weekend:) And it means I'll get one more night of sleeping, with the exception of getting up to use the bathroom! ha ha! So I'm taking advantage before I have double duty soon!
All for now...have a great week!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Shower for Baby Berkeypile...& Baby Maust Update!

Last Sunday was a wonderful day to do a get-together with my high school girlfriends and celebrate another baby on the way:) This shower was for Erin, a high school friend of mine. She is expecting her first baby boy on Sept. 28th...just 10 days after me! I'm SO excited to share the opportunity for our boys to grow up together, and to be so close in age. Best of all, her and her husband moved back in the area, and he got a teaching and coaching job at Wawasee, so we'll get to see them a lot more often which is a huge plus! I'm so pumped! They used to be in Muncie, but even when they were there, they were awesome about stopping over and visiting us and Isaac when they'd make trips home for the weekends. They are wonderful friends so I'm just so excited to have Erin close by!

Anyways, my friends Megan and Brooke threw a nice little shower where we just sat outside and relaxed, ate, and caught up with everybody and their lives now. Gosh how things change! It's so crazy! But it was awesome just to get together again which I always miss. My girlfriends are the best though cuz no matter how long we go without seeing each other, we always pick up right where we left off! It's a great comforting feeling!
Here are some pics of the day:

Group shot of the get-together....Erin is next to me with the belly too:)

The mommies!! (I'm 35.5 wks. here and Erin is a couple days shy of 34 wks.)

Me and Erin and our boys:)

Now for the Baby Maust update!
So I had my 36 week appointment today! (Technically I'm 35.5 weeks but hey that's the scheduling for ya!) I'm now down to going every week so I'll be back again already next Tuesday. This time period just came so fast I can't believe it.

So anyways, I got checked out by my favorite midwife, Amy, who delivered Isaac. So she remembers how big my big boy was:) Well, when I got measured I was measuring right at 35 weeks, which is very good since I'm almost 36:) She said the baby is definitely not huge and is probably around 6 lbs. So relieved to hear that! That was probably the best news. Then she went ahead and checked me out and I'm just over 1 cm dialated. That's always good. I remember being like that before too. No thinning out or effacement yet, but she said that's normal not to do that so fast with the second baby. Then the position of the baby is also good. His limbs aren't facing out like Isaac's always did. He was always flipped the wrong way so he ended up delivering face up. Yeah, not so fun! So everything was looking very good! She said this is the time if I went into labor they would have it go ahead, so we're in the clear. Although I could definitely stand to have him in there a big longer! Mentally we're not ready...especially Isaac! ha ha! And I still gotta wash baby clothes...that's now on the agenda!

So overall, I'm happy and relieved to hear I have hope for an easier delivery with little mister in there...hopefully he cooperates:)

Next project will be moving mostly all our personal stuff to my parent's to live in the basement before the baby comes. Yep, we soon will be making a move and living there for a bit while our house is going to get rented out for a few months. It'll hopefully be a good situation all-together so I'll letcha know how that works out:)

Until next time, have a great week! I'll keep ya'll posted with the next updates!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

35 down...5 to go!! & Ky turns 2!!

The countdown continues! And today marks only 5 weeks to go til our baby boy arrives! I have my "36 wk" appt. on Tuesday so that will be when I get checked out to see how everything's going, or if anything has started yet. That will also be the start of going every week to see the midwives. It's so crazy how fast that time came!

I also started taking the 5W pill today. With Isaac the midwife kinda didn't tell me about it til I was like 37 weeks, so I don't think it really took its affect. We'll see what happens this time since I'm taking it when I'm supposed to.

Curious question: Have any of you momma's taken the 5W pill with your pregnancies? And did it have an affect on u that didn't make you go over your due date? Just wondering.

In other news...:)
My adorable niece Kylie (aka "Ky Ky) turned 2!! Aug 7th was her birthday, and her party was celebrated this past Sunday afternoon. I cannot believe how big she is all of a sudden. She is such a little mother too! Being the only girl cousin so far, she takes on that roll pretty good! She's gonna be a great help with her baby brother or sister that's on the way, and 2 more baby cousins! She'll have her hands full for sure!

Here's a picture of the birthday girl...
Her party was a Ladybug theme...so stinkin' cute! My sister always does such an awesome job with the theme parties for her kids. I loved this one! And notice Ky had a matching outfit and everything...geesh!

The rough-n-tough boys, Isaac and Lincoln!

Isaac with the birthday girl! (and Brock too!)

Isaac and the leader of the pack, Brady! Notice the band-aide over his left eye? Yeah he was being a big rowdy earlier! This was the result:)

Too funny!
So the party was a great time...she got a lot of cute things! Happy #2 Ky Ky!

Now our lives are getting on more of schedule lately, especially since Brock is already back in school! That came so fast! Students already came to school yesterday, so he's full out teaching now. Not to mention football games will be starting soon too. I'm hoping to make it to a couple of them before the baby comes.
So as a result of Brock being gone all day... Isaac and I have been spending a ton of time together. You can really tell with his excessive clinginess to me, even when daddy comes home. It's kind of getting out of control! But I've definitely been finding things to do with keeping the house in order. Example: last night around 7:30 I reorganized our big 'ole pantry for no reason at all! Hmm totally unlike me, so could this be an early nesting phase?? I guess since I don't really have a nursery to get ready this time, I'm gonna be doing tons of things around the house instead! Ha ha!
I'll leave you with a picture of Isaac. He was definitely chilled out like a big boy watching the Olympics on TV:) Silly guy!

Well I'll keep ya all posted on the appt. Tues, I'm gonna get us around to head to Babies-r-us now! And I'm buying baby gifts of all things...not for my kids for once! :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Maust Family Pictures! by Darcy Holsopple Photography

Last Wednesday we had our pictures taken. I wanted to get some outdoor photos of Isaac, then possibly with some belly pictures and family pictures. Thanks to Darcy, we had them all done at once:) We went to Camp Mack and I LOVED how they turned out! Even though Isaac was a little booger most of the time and just wanted to run everywhere, I don't think you can tell that TOO bad by the pictures;) Darcy got some awesome pictures of him alone, but when it came to the family ones, he didn't want to cooperate at all! Figures! But we got a lot of fun candid shots out of them!
Darcy also took the shot of Brock and me(above) which I used for the new blog header. Totally cool!

So these are basically Isaac's 15 month pictures and I'm 34 weeks along in the belly shots.

Awww:) Yeah I kinda like him!

A favorite of the 3 of us

Isaac standing on my "shelf" :)

34 weeks

Yep...not gonna look at u!

So cute of my boys!

My faves of Isaac...what a little stud:)

Great job Darcy! Can't thank u enough:)
*Any of u readers that don't know her need to check her out on my links! Just starting up her photography business and is doing an awesome job!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

New look!

Hope you all like the new look to the good 'ole blog! Thanks for the help Darcy:) She also took the picture ...and I love that it goes with my "life motto" :) so I'll be putting up the rest the pics she took of us in the slideshow (soon to come when I get some free time!)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Last wedding of the season!

So last Saturday was our last wedding to attend for the summer. It was my cousin, Trevor's wedding! He married his beautiful bride, Angie on Sat. evening @ my aunt and uncles house outside. It was very similar to Brock and I's wedding, as they had the same tent and outdoor ceremony. And it was HOT-just like ours too:) By the time the sun went down, it turned out to be a very cool and comfortable evening. It was so funny though, cuz at times I felt like I was reliving my own wedding, just with all the similarities of the set up and everything. The cool twist they had was there was quite a bit of a Colt's theme to it too, which of course, our whole family appreciated:) Here are some pics of the evening:

Angie & Trevor finally enjoying dinner together:)

Brock & Isaac

My silly nephew, Lincoln

Grandma & Isaac (He was acting oddly sleepy...it was so weird!...notice the ear rubbing!)

My niece Ky...the little princess:) I just realized the only kiddo I didn't get a pic of was Brady, and he was the ring bearer! In a white 3 piece suite and all! So funny! Photo opp I totally missed-oops!

The tent! Anyone who was at ours probably would notice it's the same tent!
And all the white things in the yard are white flower petals made for the aisle way where the ceremony took place...Along with little Colts footballs that we threw at the bride and groom!

My cousin Brandi (Trevor's sister). Isaac wouldn't cooperate for any pictures later:(

And our one attempted family shot that Isaac didn't want anything to do with!

Sleepy guy...

All I gotta say is thank goodness Darcy is taking our pictures this week! They haven't been a success lately:) So those will hopefully be up the next time I blog! yay!