Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wedding in Fort Wayne...

My high school buddy, Ben got married last weekend in Fort Wayne. Their wedding was at a church off of Colesium, and the reception took place in the upper rotunda of the Colusium. It was pretty neat!
The highlight of the whole evening was we were "kidless" for one, and two was that it was a mini reunion of my high school friends! It's still surreal for me to keep seeing my friends get married-especially the guys! (Cuz, well, you'd understand if you ever met my guy friends:)) @ this wedding I just wanted to keep laughing because when you combine these guy friends together, and as groomsmen to top it off, it looks like a scene from Wedding Crashers! So I'm glad we went and had a great time catching up!
Here's my honey and me:)
And another one...
One of my best guy buds, Ryan as a groomsman. It was SO great to get to see him again! He's living the high life as a lifeguard in Myrtle Beach, SC so he hardly ever gets opportunities to come home:(
The LADIES:) Me, Katie, and my friend, Jamie!
FUNK! another groomsman (aka "Vince Vaughn") He could be his personality twin-no joke! Great catching up with him!
Jamie & Me
And last but not least, the beautiful bride and groom, Jackie & Ben! He caught himself an adorable wife! So proud of him! He's one of the "shy guys" of the group so it was pretty cool to watch how he handled himself in the wedding:)
Best of luck to you guys on your blessed marriage! Thanks for including us on your big day!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


First trip to Papaw & Mamaw's pool 2 weekends ago....
They just did the kiddie pool since the big pool was FREEEZING!
K-bub wasn't all too sure about the kiddie pool at first. Took him awhile to get used to.
Isaac was such a good brother to him that day. He did his best to keep him entertained with tons of toys and splashing him every once in a while:)

2nd Outing to Papaw & Mamaw's pool: Father's Day
We spent the day after church at the pool, then headed to my parent's in the evening. We were exhausted from the long day spent outside! I got Brock a thermal mug w/ pics of all of us on it. It was SO stinkin' cool! Unfortunately that morning Brock put coffee in it to take to church and it leaked everywhere! So I got him a malfuntioned coffee mug:( Talk about a bummer!!
The big pool was reeeally nice and warm that day!
K-bub LOVED it! He had a lot of floaty time:)
Isaac got really brave this year! He probably did this about 25 times...no joke! Ongoing of jumping into the pool for daddy (or whoever was there to catch him!) Then immediately turned around, up the pool steps and back in again! It really wore me out just to watch him!
Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Kahler's 9 Month Pics!

My baby turned 9 Months old on Wed. the 1oth! Wowie! Got his pics taken the same day by Miss Darcy again! SO excited about these! We went to Defries River Preserve and Gardens. The place is gorgeous! I'm so happy with how they turned out!
Kahler is continuing to be so extremely funny! He has such a personality these days:) We are enjoying him every minute! He is a super speedy crawler...cruisin' around furniture...keeping up with big brother...playing lots with Isaac (which is so fun to watch)...he is also a human garbage disposal and eats ANYTHING! He's not so interested in his bottle near as much as people food these days!
Enjoy the pics! These are my faves:)

BLUE eyes!
Love it...picturing this as a decorative pic in our living room someday??

LOVE this one!
Bear crawl!
Favorite background!
Favorite one too!
Lovin' the brick!
Darce...you rock! (once again!)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Kahler's 1st Haircut!

Time to cut all of this long blonde baby hair off! I always take tons of pictures because after the first cut, they just don't have a baby look anymore....kinda sad:( So I document it as much as possible!
So does he look happy about this or not?! ha ha!
Here's his crazy head of hair!

Mommy got it out of control on purpose:) Sportin' the hawk!
Headed to Kellie's shop to get him all trimmed up! I couldn't take pictures of her actually cutting it like I did Isaac. Kahler is only about 9 months and Isaac was exactly a year old til he got his first one. So I had to hold Kahler in the chair for his.
Finished product! What a little stud!
Side view...
All evened out! No more long baby hair!
Back view...so much better!

I even styled and spiked it for him to go to his cousin's t-ball game:) He looked adorable!
And Isaac was feeling a little left out from the photo shoot!
He was hammin' it up a little for me which never happens!

Have a great weekend!! :)

Monday, June 1, 2009


My Mother's Day gift from Brock came last weekend when he got a babysitter for the boys overnight. His original plan was to take me up to South Haven, MI. for a getaway. Well...since I decided to pay off our last credit card just before that, well, a $200 plus room @ a bed-n-breakfast didn't seem very likely!
Sooo....Plan B: Take a trip to Bluffton to spend time with some of our favorite people...Matt & JaNae!! This turned out to be thee BEST plan ever! Seriously we had an amazing time with them! (And bunked at their awesome new house...for FREE!...Can't get better than that!) Saturday evening we arrived and went out to dinner @ Billy Ann's...incredible restaraunt!...and always a must to go eat there whenever we go visit:) After dinner we did a drive around good 'ole Bluffton and looked at houses...and yes, it sure would be nice just to drop everything and move there-seriously! As we're in the house hunting process, we find out how much cheaper house prices are there! It's RIDICULOUS! We found our dream home for a dream price! Not kidding! Back to reality....very hard to leave what we got going on here!...Otherwise we'd be there in a heart beat!!
The next morning Matt & JaNae busted out a steak-n-eggs breakfast for all of us (along with country singing entertainment) before our canoe/kayaking trip! YUM!
Then....the next couple of hours were spent on the Wabash River on a beautiful morning!
Brock all set with the canoe and kayaks:)
As JaNae and I set out on the canoe, Matt helped Brock into his kayake....oh AND this was Brock's 1st experience doing any sort of canoeing OR kayaking...he did SO good!!
Lookin' like a pro already babe!
The guys....Matt & Brock --2 peas in a pod when they are together...it's pretty great:)
And the gals...Me & JaNae (We did about a 4 mile canoe trip...)

We're trying to get this down!! ha! ha!
These guys went an extra 2 miles! Whew!
1 of many picture attempts!!

Sayin' good-bye to my favorite girl!! No tellin she's just over 3 months pregnant! Can't wait for baby Reinhard!!
Thanks again guys! You are AWESOME!! Can't wait for Rodney concert time!!
Inside jokes from the weekend that Matt & JaNae will appreciate:
*In much need of sweet-n-sour, fruit, soup and mushrooms!
*we'll never forget the "sexy hand"! HA!
*the #1 & #2
*Brock: "Push me, I'll peddle!"
*small town= beverages & lawmowers & 4 firetrucks!!
*nothin' like 5 trips to the parent's house
*There's a Target in Bluffton, right?? Wrong!
*Salmon--> good for Linz...BAD for JaNae!
*Window peepers:)
*baby names!
*Matt:"Oh we'll just move it. That way they'll have to get off the sidewalk if they want to steal it."!
*Linz:"So the Jack of Clubs is WHAT?!"
*Linz's Euchre lessons...enough said!
*Matt's decorating...NUF said too!
*JaNae: "Baby on Board"! Good story:)
*"Do you want me to get out and move it back?..."No I'm about to get out and sign my name on it and leave it as a souvenir!"