Monday, January 18, 2010

6 things in far.

We started the New 2010 in full swing! Here's what we've been up to the past couple weeks....

Kahler got to enjoy his first outing in the snow! Isaac wanted nothing to do with the tight bundling up and maybe next time!
But our little babe could hardly move in all his clothing! So funny!
He had a fun time smiling behind the paci while we did some sledding!
K-bub and Daddy ready to go downhill!
...and Papa too!

Getting pulled by the tractor with cousin, Brady

off they go! So fun!

Trying to keep the boys entertained with indoor activities like Play-doh...after a thorough lesson for Kahler on how to not EAT the Play-doh:) what a goof!

The boys have been enjoying some new movies together, like "Up", "Dawn of the Dinosaurs", and "Potty Time with Elmo" together on the chair. They're so soon as I put in a DVD they'll scramble up there to cuddle....too cute:)

We welcomed our new neice, Lyla Judith on Jan. 4th! She is Brandon & Brooke's 2nd baby girl:)
Her big sis, Izzi loves her!

Said good-bye to friends Luke & Shelly's 3 mo. old baby boy, Graham, as he went to sleep for a nap on Jan. 6th and woke up in the arms of Jesus. Definitely one of the hardest things we've ever witnessed. Ever. We learned an important lesson to love on our boys every second. Every moment is precious.

And last but not least, we're rooting on our Colts as they're on their way to another Superbowl win in 2010!! Playoffs are off to a good start!! =)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Holidays '09

I know it's been a LONG time since I've done any bloggin'! Holidays had us crazy busy but it was an enjoyable vacation! We are back in the swing of things and back into our daily busy routines again:) I'll start catching you all up!

Here are some pics of our Holiday season with the boys. We attended 4 Christmases total in that weekend. Aside from that, we relaxed and watched all of our favorite holiday movies while we decorated our new house for the first time...that was pretty great:)
Isaac is still continuing his therapy and is doing great! He got to make Christmas cookies with his therapist...and he did such a good job!
All finished! They were yummy!

Christmas #1
Christmas Eve with my family
K-bub enjoying his Christmas Eve dinner with Great Grandma Wogoman
Happy kid...he's got food!
Miss Kloie and Isaac enjoying some quality time together:)
Grandma rounding up her grand-kids to read the Christmas story
...and to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus!
Opening gifts....
Family pic
PJ time!....(I love X-mas pj's:))...and look at that face!
Christmas morning @ our house....ahhh so nice:)
The boys opening a couple giftsWhat it is K-bub?
More stuff for their Black & Decker tool set! Oh boy! Dress up time!
Back to my parents for breakfast & stockings
The boys with their Xmas shirts on for the day

Christmas #2

Spent Christmas Day @ Brock's parents
Isaac & Papaw chillin. (& rubbing ears of course)
Ready to go last family pic (sorry for the bluryness!)
The boys ending the night playing in their new pop-up Elmo tent!

Christmas #3

Saturday night....Kropf Christmas

My cousin Rob with his nephew Elijah...and Brock and Kahler enjoying a game of "pool":)
Me & Brandi....our annual (or whenever we get together) cousin picture:)
The triplets (Kloie, Smitty & Kahler) playing on the stairs
Kahler and one of the twin cute:)

Christmas #4

Ended our Christmas filled weekend on Sunday evening with the Maust/Graber side. Didn't get many pics taken but Kahler & Izzi had a great time playing in the mini-house and kitchen!

We were glad that our own "Four Christmases" came to a close! It was an eventful and enjoyable holiday weekend!