Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How about another?

Another wrap makeover?
Ok...why not!:)

                              I couldn't tell much from 45 minutes later....BUT she took another one when she got this would have been about 4 hours later.....BIG difference!

 Let's do some side shots.......


                                                            AFTER! 45 minutes later!

The good news....she'll see progressive results over the next 72 hours the more and more the toxins are flushed outta her system!!  Who WOULDN'T wanna see results this fast?!  Comment or  Inbox me on facebook for more details or questions:)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Very 1st ItWorks Wrap Makeover!

Ok friends....prepare to be amazed:)  I wrapped 2 lovely ladies today and (with their permission) wanted to share with you their before/after pictures! Of couse, they're going to remain nameless, but I wanted to give you an ACTUAL visual of just what 45 minutes can do by being wrapped! 

The 1st lady lost 2 inches total from her midesection!  The beautiful part?  It's a progressive toxin loss over the next 72 hours so she'll most likely lose some more!  What else can do that in 45 MINUTES?!

 Seriously take a look around her belly button and how much tighter it looks, as well as the improvement from her surgical scar. 

And my next gal, lost 2 1/2 inches total in her midsection!
This is before....

 And AFTER!  Amazing right?!  Bye bye, baby belly:)

Once again, she'll see even more progressive results in the next 72 hours!  The best way to see these results really take affect is by drinking plenty of water, that way you're literally flushing the toxins out of your system while the product does it's work!

Hope you like seeing what this stuff actually really does amaze me.  As one client said, she visualized laying down all slathered up for 45 minutes without being able to move--totally not the case here!  You have a cloth laid over your stomach, or whichever area you choose to have wrapped, then we seran wrap you tight so it stays in place, and you're free to move about with your clothes on and still be completely comfortable:)  It's pretty great!

So there ya go, now you definitely need to make sure you make it to my next couple parties, right?;)  Tuesday  night will be here before we know it!  Can't make it?  That's ok....come Wed. the 25th and you won't regret you made the decision!

FYI:  Dudes, need an idea for your wife or significant other for Valentine's Day?  (Or any special day for that matter:-))  Treat her to a wrap!  It's like a mega cheaper version than the spa;)  And she still walks away feeling great!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Little Lady's 1st Haircut.....

The time had come for my baby girl to finally get her baby hairs trimmed away!  It was looking quite homely looking lately:) glad we got it done!  Thanks Brooke:)

Before-Back view....was sporting some shagginess-turning mullet!

 Brooke doing her magic:)  It was nice to have a kid that didn't scream through their entire haircut this tme ( cough...Kahler!...cough)  May didn't seem to mind it, even though the middle pic looks like she's a bit pouty;)  She did a great job!

ALL DONE!  Nice aiming by mommy, I know!  Hey it was hard holding her and taking a quick picture at the same time!

And how cool is this?!  She got a little certificate with her baby hair in it:)  Great keepsake for her book!

A couple AFTER pictures....front, side and back.  She's a moving target these days so pictures are not easy! ha ha!  But it looks SO much nicer and hopefully will grow out really well too!

And of course needed a Mommy and May picture....also not so easy!!

But we finally got one!:) 

Can't believe my baby is going to be a year and a half in one week! Wow!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hello 2012!

Good golly it's been a month since I've been on here!
Pretty much explains how our holidays went...but it was a good one!  I was actually really sad to see Christmas come and go so quickly, but we thoroughly enjoyed this season celebrating.
But Happy 2012!  I'll tune you in quickly on how we finished out the rest of 2011:)

Our annual Christmas picture:)

Isaac recieved a pretty amazing Christmas gift this year.  He was "anonomously" donated an I-pad.  We were at a loss for words at  the generosity of  this gift to help Isaac and his communication skills.  Isaac gave his daddy and I one amazing gift as well.  He actually went on stage at ths year's Christmas program (which he has never done's always been too much for him).  As he comfortably went up there I watched through tears as he jumped and clapped to the music.  It was amazing.

My 2 big boys loving to sleep together lately.  Visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads on Christmas Eve:)

My sweet girl on Christmas Day.  When did she get so big?:(

 We rang in the new year starting out with dinner at Hana Yori's with our wonderful friends.....YUM!  Afterwards we stopped over at the Byng's to play games and watch the ball drop.

At the Byng's...CHEERS to 2012!!

That night was so much fun for us...relaxing with friends and no kids:)  We played a hilarious game, Quelf.  It's so worth getting if you haven't heard of it!  Oh and we can't forget about the pyramids...Ginger, where are those pictures?! LOL!

Christmas break was somewhat enjoyable.  I ended up working at a vet I've filled in for in the past to make a little extra cash, so that was nice.  Brock and I literally switched roles as he took on being a stay-at-home dad while I worked:)  We rewarded ourselves with 2 date nights over those 2 weeks:)

I must admit I was actually ready for school to get back into our routine again.  I really think Isaac was missing preschool:)  So now we can re-focus and get things rolling again after a crazy few weeks!

A couple new things for 2012 in our family that you'll see on the blog...and very recent new things I might add:)

I just signed up to be a distributor for ItWorks Global.  It's all natural products that work to detox your system.  All very good for your bod and I'm loving it!  In another post I'll talk about it a bit more but you'll get to see a lot of before/after pics of "headless" clients to see how awesome this stuff works! 

I'm also booking a few more future brides to do their wedding makeup too!  So between Mary Kay and this new business, I'm staying busy:)  I also combined the 2 products to make a sweet bridal package deal.  So hopefully you'll see more of "my work" coming from that:) 

Stay tuned! My little lady gets her 1st haircut tomorrow:(  I'll definitely have pictures! 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

blessed to GIVE.

Is it December already?  Crazy how fast this past month flew, but I am READY for the Holidays.  I absolutely love December and the start of the advent month to remind us what Christmas is all about.

  A couple weeks ago my church handed out paper ornaments with names/ages of kids to buy a gift for them, and pray for that child as that ornament is put on our tree.  I went up to the table and selected a 3 year old boy named Sebastian.  I figured that was an easy place to start since I have a 3 yr old boy myself, and know what boys like! 

So written on the back of this ornament were 4 things that Sebastian wanted for Christmas. 
1.  Snowboots-size 8
2.  Comforter
3. Movies
4. Toys

I don't know why...but I immediately looked at "comforter" and felt a big place in my heart to get just that for  Sebastian for Christmas.  If any of my kids needed a comforter to keep them warm at night, you better believe I'm not going to let this little guy go without one too.  Things we take for granted. 

So last Friday evening I took the day to get my Christmas shopping done and stopped at JoAnn's to find the best fleece blanket to make.  I love making tie-blankets, and thought any 3 yr old boy would love a Superman blanket right?:)
I am blessed beyond words to gift this to Sebastian, and wish I could see the look on his face when he gets his comforter for Christmas.  I'm blessed I could be put in a position to give to another human being on the best time of the year, and give him something to keep him warm at night.

Why do our own kids need more things? I encourage all of you to take the time to give to a stranger, or a family in need you don't know....just because.  I'm promising myself to teach my own kids to do this too...instead of counting each present they get each year.

  Remember the reason for the season....and bless someone this Christmas:)
Merry Christmas Sebastian!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

newfound anxieties.

Can't I'm working on getting my thoughts outta my brain onto here.  It's gonna be deep...but let's see how it goes....

I watched my show Parenthood tonight.  Absolutely love it.  I make myself stay up for it since it's on from 10-11 at night.  Kinda stretchin' it for me to be functional the next day, but tonight is a different story.  After watching this particular episode, my mind just would not rest.  I discovered a couple newfound anxieties that I haven't acknowledged much until now. 

Parenting a teen.....and bullying.

The boy, Max, suffers from Aspberger's, which is a high-functioning form of Autism.  The parents decided to mainstream him in a public school this particular grade.  He's a junior-higher I believe.  Having Aspberger's, he's an absolute genius at math, however has some odd habits and is awkward socially.  So, of course, he is made fun of by his so-called friends.  Max is oblivious to the fact that this is happening, but the parents see it happening after school right in front of them.  So, the mom decides to do something about it and approaches the bully herself.  As parents, they feel better about confronting the situation, and the episode goes on from there. 

It really got to me.  I'm going to be a parent dealing with this situation someday.  And I keep asking myself how I will handle it.  I can completely picture myself being that "Mama bear" and taking control of it right then and there.  I tell ya, it gets my blood boiling just thinking about it.

My problem is, why are there so many darn kids that do it?  Why aren't we teaching them as parents to not be mean and not bully others?  Why aren't we teaching them why some kids are different than they are?

Just the other week I had to answer questions from a child about Isaac.  The conversation simply went like this:
child: "Is Isaac mean at school?"
me: "Why are you asking me that?"
child: "Because he doesn't know how to talk and share."
Me: "Well, that is why he is going to a special school to help him learn how to do those things."

Short and simple conversation with this young child, yet SO MUCH I felt was underlying in these questions.  Why do you think Isaac is mean?  Do you think kids that don't know how to talk are mean?  Do you know my son?  Obviously not.  And WHY aren't your parents talking to you about this child that you're around so much, yet know so little about his "differences"? 

If you're a me a favor.  TEACH them differences.  TEACH them that not every kid is like them.  Take their blinders off at an EARLY age so they don't hurt another kid by asking them what's wrong with them.  TEACH them that not every one is perfect like they think they, themselves are.

Help them to not be that bully.  It only takes a couple words.

So as I'm awake tonight I also looked up my devotion for the day to see how it would speak to me...and here's what it said:

The title was "Labels"  (how appropriate, right?:))

here's a small excert from it....

Jesus did not create us to wear the labels of this world, even the ones we place on ourselves. Instead, He created us as His “dearly loved children” (Eph. 5:1 NIV).

     Labels get in the way of this. They keep us tagged with unhealthy stigmas, emotions and pieces from our past that weigh on us and stifle His intention for our life.

And now I'm speechless.  God works in the ways only we can understand, because that says it all right there.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Nothing like havin' some big 'ole trees chopped down to provide some free entertainment around here! 
The lot next door to us is squeezing in a home built by Habitat.  So they started the process yesterday by taking these guys down. Not so sure we're going to be thrilled about our new view in a few months when we'll be looking at a wall of another house instead of this=/  Hopefully it's not too bad. 

But here's what Kahler got to watch all yesterday morning:)....

1st 2 trees on the left taken away.....

Those 2 on the left also had some branches right over our house so I'm thankful they'll be gone, however they also provided our yard with much-needed shade=/


Kahler kept looking out and saying "aw mess!!"

It did look like a big mess...but they did a very good job keeping it out of our yard!

and the new view after. 

Every time I look out the window now, Kahler thinks another tree is going down! ha!