Friday, January 16, 2009

4 Months...

Kahler is now 4 months, and life is truckin' along for this big guy! He's reached a stage now that he can do a couple more things, so it's been a little more interesting:)
@ his 4 month check up he weighed in at a whopping 16 lbs. putting him 75th percent on the chart, and he's 95% on the height chart. Quite a porker:) This past week I had him taken to the doc for his first illness. Unfortunately he had a couple white ulcers on the back of his throat . So he was totally not himself and totally not sleeping either. I can say yesterday he was back to himself, but sleeping through the night is not! How spoiled I was to have him pulling all nighters for a while now, then he decides he needs a diaper change 3 times in 1 night....not cool! So we're praying for sleep now!
Here's Kahler's latest "activities"...

Definitely starting to like the exersaucer more than he did! This is such a good thing! Gives him a different view so he's not always laying around!

Recently doing more rolling a lot more often !
And there he goes again!
And definitely enjoying bath time! He loves laying at the bottom of the tub on his "body sponge":) Much better than the baby bath. He out grew that thing very fast.... and it honked him off when he'd bonk his head on the side of it:( So we're back to liking bath time once again:)
And he's starting to turn into his big brother becoming a couch potato:) Not really...just starting to discover the TV a bit more! Thought this was funny of the 2 of them parked on the floor for a bit!
So that's Sir Kahler's 4 mo. update!
And today Mr. Isaac turned the big 2-0!! 20 Months already!! 4 more to go and I have a terrible two:) AHHH! (Not a great pic of him either..he was being a booger!)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

'09= A "Rockin'" Start!

I know...extremely cheesy:)
I never really got to share what we did for New Years! Overall it was a pretty enjoyable evening...and some good partyin'! To start the night off, we went to an early dinner with our friends, the Schrock's. (Brandon & Jess) They came into town for a week from Arkansas. So we always try to get together with them whenever they make it home. Brandon's brother, Nick and his wife Andrea also went too. We had a great time! We went to the new restaraunt that was added on to UP mall, called Granite City. Super awesome place and amazing food!

After that we made it back to Brock's parent's, who were babysitting our boys for our dinner time. Quite nice:) They were having their own New Years bash at their place. So after a few hours of rock band and trying to get Isaac to sleep, we stayed the night! Yeah, Mr. Isaac stayed all the way up to midnight! I think it was way too loud for him to relax and sleep. Sir Kahler didn't mind....he went to bed at 9:30 and slept the whole night! It was even hard for me this year to stay up so late! Once the ball dropped, Isaac and I made our way down to bed and we were both out within a couple minutes!
Here' s where my "title theme" came from:) You don't ever see this going on! The 3 Maust brothers starting their own band:) Or just attempting to play Rock Band!
Introducing Shane(the oldest) on guitar, Brandon (aka "Bub" & middle brother)on lead vocals, and the baby, Brock (who belongs to me!) on drums.
They were quite the entertainment for the evening!
Earlier in the evening, with the Schrock's...
Jess & me
Brandon & Jess
Me and the hubby:)

And last but not least, the weekend after New Years we celebrated my cousin, Brandi's wedding! Brandi and Ben are finally married! They got married on Dec. 19th in Cancun and had their reception back in Goshen at the new Spohn Ball Room. It is a beautiful reception hall. We watched the slideshow of them and a video of their wedding in Cancun....which was probably the funniest wedding video I have EVER seen! No joke. It could win big bucks on America's Funniest Videos or something! You couldn't understand a word the lady was saying in their ceremony...and clearly neither could Brandi and Ben! We were all in tears from laughing so hard at the end of watching it!
Here's Brandi dancing with her dad, Uncle Don
Brandi and Ben cutting the cake
Me and the beautiful bride!
After Christmas break was over, I got off to a brand new start with a brand new job! I am now officially working as a Paraprofessional @ Fairfield! (Where I graduated from). Pretty awesome job that I'm really excited about! I work with the ED kids, and sit in classes with a couple of students. It has it's challenging moments, but I feel like I'm already making good connections with the kids just after 1 week of being @ school.
On top of that, we have found my boys an awesome Amish sitter! We absolutely love them! Isaac and Kahler had a great first week with them and I can see it being an awesome experience for all of us! It is also so super convenient considering how close they live to us right now, and to school. It's pretty great!
So, with now a full time job, this does mean less blogging:( I do spend a lot of time in the evening with the boys now since I don't get to see them all day. And I no longer get to go to Mottt's, which is super sad for me:( Gonna miss you ladies like crazy! Don't be strangers!
I'll try to keep up to date with our lives the best I can:)
Have a great 2009!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

December & Christmas '08!

Lots of pics brought to you by our busy month in December! Enjoy!
Dashing through the snow...
in a one-horse open sleigh.....
(Or Papa pulling Isaac & Lincoln in a plastic sled....that works too! ha ha!)

Isaac loved tromping through the snow (and falling) in his snow suit and boots!
Isaac & Momma
Not so sure about this white stuff:P

The boys ready for the Wogoman Christmas Eve bash!

(Out of order) but Kahler & Kloie were hammin' it up here on their bellies:)

Tongue-twistin' kid...I swear he always has his tongue out, and that thing comes darn near close to touching his nose!
Christmas Eve...Kahler opening his first gift with Daddy!
Isaac's big gift....a Michigan tricycle! Yeah Daddy was happy for sure...I guess Isaac was too! As for Mommy...I'll just suck it up since I'm for the Boilers:) At least it's Fairfield colors, right?!
Probably my favorite part was seeing Isaac in his spiffy Christmas PJ's....I mean how much does he look like a little man?! And his expression cracks me up here!
Best buddy cousins Isaac & Lincoln watchin' Cars together:)
Christmas morning...Stocking time with the boys!
On to Brock's parents' for Christmas Day.....
Isaac got lots of awesome books to read! So excited!

Isaac playing with cousin Izzi's new cookie jar toy...good thing he got one too cuz he really liked it:) She didn't seem to mind!
He was so into his baby brother that day.....they're my sweeties:)
Isaac's Christmas shirt....Charlie Brown!! Loved it!
Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!
Hope you have a Happy and Blessed 2009!!!!