Friday, September 24, 2010

September Celebrations...

Sunday Sept. 19th
Kahler's Birthday PARTY!
Had this one at Sunnyside Park on a great day! The weather was perfect!

Kahler had a Toy Story theme this year for b-day #2....

...and DQ ice cream cake= a classic favorite! Yum!

Love this picture of my birthday boy.
(Don't let that innocent face fool ya people!) =)

Thursday evening Papa brought over Kahler's birthday surprise that came in. They give all their grandkids a motorized toy for their 2nd b-days, so this year was Kahler's turn!

He scored a blue Harley motorcycle! He's lovin' it!

Saturday September 18th...we celebrated Maylin's "official" due date! She weighed in at 7 lbs. 2 oz. so I still would have had a smaller babe 3rd time around I think:)
Sunday September 19th she turned 9 weeks that puts things in perspective for ya! She's still so tiny...but growing like a weed to me!

Wed Sept. 22nd I celebrated the big 2-8! I wish I could stay this age forever. 28 sounds pretty good to me:)

And can I just say I LOVE having my bday in September? I get the priveledge of now sharing this month with K-bub, but I've always loved this month with the start of fall and football! What a great month. Good stuff.

So what does a 28 year old do with a newborn babe on her b-day?
Welp, my mom came over in the morning and let me go run errands. I had a few things on my to-do list which included going to FHS to drop off cards, getting my oil changed in the traiblazer (I know...ridiculous!) then eventually making my way to Jules for the 1st time Ever! I thought I could try to find myself a new top of something to spoil myself:)

SO...the morning went fantastic, got in RIGHT away to get the oil changed, which never happens, then had enough time before meeting my mom and Maylin that I went and took some McD's to Brock for lunch. Yep I took HIM lunch on MY b-day. (I'm nice like that:)) And mr. sun DID come out too which made the day even better.

So after I met Mom at the hospital I weighed Maylin then took my little lady shopping with me to Jules. Thanks to a generous gift card from my mom I was able to get a couple fun tops. Super excited about that!

To top off the b-day celebration Brock took me out to Chubby Trout in Elkhart on Thursday night. We've always wanted to eat there so finally took the opportunity. Our friends, the Shepard's came along so it made for a fun evening out! My mom-in-law watched the kids so that was awesome!
Here we are on our way to eat! It was a great night of crab legs and conversation!... Good times=)

Happy September!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Preschool + Pictures + Birthday + Dedication + Game day= A busy blog post!

Get ready for some randomness! That's what happens when a lot is scrunched into a week!
Here goes....

A week ago we sent our big boy to Preschool! Isaac is attending PrarieView Elem. for his REACH preschool. He goes 2x a week so he gets a lot of fun time there:) We're super excited and hope it's the right place to get him ready for "community preschool" next year!

What was a big step for all of us was sending Isaac on a big yellow bus to his school!
He's 3!
I couldn't believe it was actually a big bus...made me sad:(
But at least he liked it! It made it a little easier...
Even still, the picture below makes me sad. Look at his little head in such a big bus!
He is the 1st one on in the mornings and last one off in the afternoons, so it makes for a long day of bus riding. Which is why I'm starting to take him in the mornings now. PICTURES!
Labor Day morning was spent getting alot of pictures taken, by Darcy!
We did some family of 5 pics, Kahler's 2 yr pics, and Maylin's "Newborn" pics. She is 7 weeks old in these so kind of a least the size of one!

These are some of my faves...had a TON!

One of the other family favorite one (along with some others) is on the new Maust family picture spot on the blog:)

We have a 2 year old! (Again:))
On Friday September 10th my baby boy turned 2!!
We celebrated his day with a yummy cake and some t-ball in the back yard! It was perfect:)
His party is on Sun. the 19th at the park so we're looking forward to some more fun:)

Thanks for being our silly entertainer of a kid, K-bub! We love u tons!
Flash forward in a couple short years and I'll be watching Isaac and Kahler playing t-ball and little league oh-too-soon! *sigh*

Sunday, Sept. 12th
A very special day for our family. We dedicated our baby girl to the Lord at our church! Considering we can't really take Maylin "out", it was special that we took her to her 1st and last service for a while. How I love holding my little baby in church...I miss that!
Maylin, thank you for being a life-changer for our family, and for getting us through the hard times we faced. You are the strongest little fighter ever. May you grow up with Christ at the center of your life, and woman of God. We love you!

Last but not least: GAME DAY!

That's right, the season opener for our favorite team, the Colts!!
We had the cutest cheerleader dressed for the big game...:)

Who would have thought she could fit in a 16" baby doll outfit. For real.
...along with the 2 other big fans!
Here's to a great season, Colts!

Well there you have it! One busy random post! =)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

To Yell or Not to Yell??

Brock and I found ourselves in a 1st-time parenting predicament last night during bath time for the boys. Brock came out to talk to me, then went back into the bathroom, where Isaac proceeded to get himself out of the tub before he came back in.

No sooner Kahler came out himself too, sits his hiney down on the little potty (of course after tossing the ring and lid aside)...and pees a fountain onto our bathroom floor!

So....what do you do to the a kid with the "Am I in trouble?" face and yourself being in a "I don't know what the heck to do right now" situation??
Well we don't want him to have any bad vibes with the potty so of course we praised him for being a big boy when he sat on there himself:)

He proceeded to clap for himself once he knew that he did a "good thing", followed by getting up and prancing around in his own puddle of pee. nice.
Good job time we'll practice your aiming techniques!

(What you can't see in this pick is the massive puddle in front of him=/ Made for a nice clean up!)