Monday, May 17, 2010

Isaac's 3!!!

Sun. May 16th, baby boy (and oldest:)), Isaac turned THREE! Still can't believe I officially am the mommy of a 3 year old.
It has been a fun, adventurous, yet pretty tough 3 years at times with my boy. He is the most loving kid that's for sure. He's accomplished a lot with the struggles we've had as far as his speech and him catching up with other kids his age. The week before his 3rd bday was bittersweet because his speech and developmental therapists both had their last sessions with him in 1st steps. It was like he completed a year of having a teacher, considering his one therapist has been with him since he was about 14 months old. So it was nice thinking of how far he has come since he started the program, and where he's at now. We have a lot to be proud of right now!

For his big day we celebrated with both sides of the family at our neighborhood park- which is awesome! Between both sides of just family and 1 couple that is friends, there were 17 kids total! It was pure craziness but definitely a great place for the kids to run wild! We were also blessed with a gorgeous day outside considering the unpredictable May weather.

We did a Thomas Train theme. Here's the cake...with of course a new train from us on top:)
Isaac had a BLAST on his day and that was all that mattered!

Getting ready for him to open all his cool gifts....
Pretty sure this was his 1st gift opening occasion that he actually paid attention to what was in his gift bags! ha! If it was a train or car of any sort...he was all over it!

Yep, in the background of this pic is probably a very odd gift for a toddler, but it was mainly for me:) I've been wanting a juicer to make Isaac nutritious drinks since he REFUSES to eat any sort of fruit or vegetable. at all. It's frustrating! So being the mother of the world's pickiest eater, I think this will be a good solution:) I'm excited to get the hang of it! Thanks Mom!

A pic of the 3 of us. Doesn't seem that long ago when it was JUST 3! To think we'll have 2 more munchkins in our family pics soon just is crazy to me:) But a good-crazy!

Happy Birthday Isaac Anthony! We love you so!