Monday, December 29, 2008

November '08

Ok so it's been well over a month since I've done a about crazy, busy lives lately...and a slow computer doesn't help either:) But things are winding down this last week of break so I'll try to catch you all up on the last couple of months!
This was actually from late-October but I had yet to post these! We did some Maust pics outside of my in-laws' home. It was a beautiful fall day, so we got some good family pics out of it!
This was also quite a task getting Isaac to sit still for them! They were attempting a grandkid add picture for Brock's Dad's business. This one was probably the funniest...Isaac's rear end! We are thinking of embroidering Dalin on the rear of his jeans:)
A couple family pics of us four....
Our favorite one in the leaves:) Even though the boys aren't lookin' we thought it looked so good!
The whole family and our kids!
Me, Brock, the oldest brother, Shane, middle brother, Brandon and his wife, Brooke
Brock's parents Linda and Gary,
Shane's daughter Kaitlyn, our boys, Shane's son Cody and Brandon and Brooke's daughter, Izzi.

The main event in November was the wedding of one of my best girl friends, Jess, who I met @ Purdue. Her wedding was completely amazing. We traveled the day after Thanksgiving to Chicago for the big weekend! I was honored to be a part of it and stand up with her! It was just overall a great time and the wedding party was so fun....we all had a blast!

Me and my great friend, Tricia!
Jess' best friends from high school, Julie and Ashley....they were a BLAST!

So excited to get to spend time with Ara!....hadn't seen this chick in like 4 years! It was great:)

Me with Kahler and "Super Dad" for the weekend! Brock had Kahler with him pretty much the whole weekend and did an awesome job taking care of him while I got to do my girl things:) Thanks babe:) (Isaac stayed home and went to all the thanksgiving dinners with his grandma's!)

Jess was truly a gorgeous bride! She was so excited the whole was just awesome!

The day before the wedding @ the spa getting all pampered! We were given BRIGHT bridesmaids sweatshirts to wear...pretty funny!

Rewind back to Thanksgiving Day: Sir Kahler started rolling over! Hasn't really done it much since, but he started!

December and Christmas '08 to come!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


So I have so little time and SO much to blog about! I'm super duper way behind in all the events going on with the kiddos, pics of all kinds of fun stuff to post..including the fabulous wedding I was in over T-giving weekend...(gosh that was forever ago!) Kahler's 3 mo pics, Isaac's 18 mo. pics, our Wogoman Fam pics, the Maust pics, yeah....WAAAAY behind!

...and to top it off...x-mas is just around the corner and I know I'll want to do a post about that too! Yikes! So whenever I can get our computer working correctly and faster...then I'll do it:) I didn't fall off the face of the earth so don't fret! Ha ha!

Hope all of you are enjoying the Holiday season so far!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


So it's been a while since I've been able to do a post! Computer hasn't been running very efficiently and I'm not so patient when that happens:)
But anyways, lots has been happening with our boys!
We'll start with Sir Kahler:)
Milestone #1: On the 10th he turned 2 months old! My little baby isn't so much a little baby anymore:( At his appointment he weight 13 lbs and 14 oz. (90% on the charts!) and he was 26" long! (100% on the charts!) Seriously, where are these big boys coming from?!
Milestone #2: On Saturday night he slept through the whole night! Yep, from 9:30 Pm to 6:30 AM! 9 HOURS! He did that actually 2 nights in a row...and I was so excited! However he hasn't done that since, but the kid only wakes up once still in the middle of the night to eat, so no complaints here!
Milestone #3: Aside from smiling a lot now, he's breaking out the coo's! I LOVE to hear him talk away!:) It's seriously the cutest thing ever and I'm reminded why I love this age too!
Here he was talking to me while laying on the floor....( I know..u can't tell!)
And him and his big self for a 2 month shot! Not so happy here! ha ha!

Now for Mr. Isaac!

Milestone #1: He turned 18 months on the 16th. A year and a half already...whew! It's flyin' by!
And what do you think he did on that same day....

You'll never guess...

Yeah he went #2 in the toilet! ha ha!

(with some major help from Daddy of course!) It was the funniest thing...Brock went to change his diaper and noticed he was still trying to go( I know TMI!) Brock takes off his diaper and runs him to sit on the toilet. Of course Isaac didn't like this so much so he clinged onto Brock like a hug and eventually he relaxed enough that he finished his duty on the toilet! It was definitely a Kodak moment but yeah the camera wasn't working that day:P Nothin' like starting to get him familiarized to start a bit of potty training:)

Milestone #2: This has been huge for us....Isaac in staying in the nursery now! I know not a big deal for most parents, but he was having a big problem with me leaving him @ church. I couldn't remember the last time i was able to sit through an entire church service until the last 2 Sundays. He has done so well now. I take him to Mottt's on Thursday mornings and he stayed in there today too! So I'm so proud of him with his progress when I leave him to go play with the kids:) He's such a big boy...he's even holding my hand to walk into places now, which is awesome since the kid is over 30 lbs now! One less thing for me to literally lug around:)

So that's the update on the fellas! Time to work on nap times now! I'll leave you with some funny pics of Isaac checking out Kahler....:)

Have a great rest of the week!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Kahler's 6 Week Photo Shoot

Here's my big boy, Kahler and his 6 week pics taken by Darcy! I loved how they turned out! They're kinda backwards, but these are some of my faves...and of course big brother Isaac had to be in some of them too, but he didn't really cooperate all too well...surprise surprise:P

Friday, October 31, 2008


....from Kahler & Isaac!!
(Ok so they didn't do a good job taking a picture together..and Isaac just isn't the most smiley boy these days:/ )
But his "pumkin paci" cracked me up!

And Sir Kahler did not disappoint me when it was picture time for him in his halloween outfit! His was super smiley! I didn't know which one I liked best of all these! What can you smiles are the BEST!

And thanks so much to Jill & Nick for the Halloween outfit for him this year! It fits perfectly!
So our Halloween plans are just staying in tonight and having some friends over. Hanging out with the kids and relaxing! Sounds pretty good compared to a night I had pictured before with Isaac fighting me with any crazy costume I would have tried to get him in...and in and out of car seats with these two didn't sound too we'll shoot for next year!

Lucky #7!!

We are happy to announce that the final Wogoman grand baby has been born! On Wednesday Sept. 29th my brother, Brian and his wife Liz welcomed their 2nd baby boy, Smith Robert into the world:) He arrived that morning weighing a healthy 8 lbs 12 oz and 20 1/2 inches long! Kahler was just an ounce bigger and they're 7 weeks apart to the day! So we love our big boys:)
Here's Brock and I holding 1 of the 3 Wogoman "triplets":) (Kahler is on the left and Smith is on the right...if ya can't tell;))

So now we have Brady (turning 4 Nov 13th), Kylie (2), Isaac (almost 1 1/2), Lincoln (1) and the 3 babies! AHHH! Crazy for our family but we LOVE it!!
Congrats you guys! He is beautiful and we're looking forward to our 4 boys growing up together:)

Monday, October 27, 2008


So, it's been a while since I've blogged...not so much goin' on with the Maust fam:) Just random moments with the this:)....

This is watcha get when my husband gives Isaac a bath...notice ALL of the bath toys dumped in the tub?! And obviously he got bored or Isaac learned how to spell!
And Isaac's face expressions are pretty funny too...I think the last one here is my fav! lol!
I mean seriously...what goes on in my kid's head?

And Kahler's bath time has been fun! He's lovin' his bath now! Although...he's grown a ton since his first bath pics...I cannot believe it!
He likes to look at himself in the mirror while he's getting a scrub down!

And some randomness for ya...
Yesterday was pretty fun...we had our Maust side do family pictures @ Brock's parent's house. It turned out to be a beautiful fall day so we had some single family shots done outside. I'm pretty excited cuz i think we got our Christmas card out of it for this year...we'll see. Brock's side of the fam has 5 grand-kids now, so we're growin'! It gets harder and harder to take the big group shots...or one of Brock's dad's business add of JUST the grand-kids...yeah not so easy! Those will get posted later when I get those back!
But this is what Isaac wore when he was playing outside before the pictures. My family wore dark gray, then the others wore dark brown, black and green. I think it's gonna look pretty neat!
More randomnes...Isaac in the Lightning Mcqueen chair...lookin' pretty chilled out!

Cousins over to play...Isaac thrilled about it too! ha ha!
Well that's it for now! Kahler's getting some 6 wk pics taken by Darcy tomorrow! So hopefully I'll have more to post this week:)
Isaac says "Have a relaxing day!"

Friday, October 10, 2008

Welcome Baby Grady!

My friend Erin's baby boy, Grady, finally arrived last Wednesday! Him and Kahler are exactly 1 month apart, so we're pretty excited for our boys to grow up together...and hopefully become great pals:) He is such a gorgeous little boy too! He was 6.13 lbs and 19.5 inches long!

Of course Kahler looks like a beast next to his new buddy...I'm sure he'll catch up though:)
That evening we got back to my parent's and Kahler and Kloie had some bonding time on the was quite cute!

"Hey! It's a person my size!"
Fun little happenings...hope you enjoyed them!