Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Nothing like havin' some big 'ole trees chopped down to provide some free entertainment around here! 
The lot next door to us is squeezing in a home built by Habitat.  So they started the process yesterday by taking these guys down. Not so sure we're going to be thrilled about our new view in a few months when we'll be looking at a wall of another house instead of this=/  Hopefully it's not too bad. 

But here's what Kahler got to watch all yesterday morning:)....

1st 2 trees on the left taken away.....

Those 2 on the left also had some branches right over our house so I'm thankful they'll be gone, however they also provided our yard with much-needed shade=/


Kahler kept looking out and saying "aw mess!!"

It did look like a big mess...but they did a very good job keeping it out of our yard!

and the new view after. 

Every time I look out the window now, Kahler thinks another tree is going down! ha!

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Jewel said...

ha ha, that's so cute that every time you look out the window Kahler thinks another tree is coming down!