Sunday, May 17, 2009

Look who's TWO!!


Yep! I have a 2 year old! (as of May 16th) Ahhh!! Cannot believe it!

Happy 2nd Birthday to the most lovable, silly, goofy kid I know:) He is my sweetheart, and I am just shocked at how huge he is now! He looks more and more like a big kid, especially since he has a baby brother.

Isaac may not talk and say what he feels or anything yet, but the kid expresses love to us all of the time with hugs and smooches constantly! He is so extremely caring to Kahler and even plays nice with's pretty great to watch! He has come a long way with his progress in developing communication skills and I'm nothing but proud to have him as my big boy!

Here are his 2 year pics taken by Darcy! (Girl, you are a trooper coming out and chasing around my crazy boy after you giving birth only about 8 days before! Geesh you are dedicated to you business!! Thanks so much dear!) I'm so glad we figured out that taking him outside to do photo shoots are definitely in his element! Indoor photos just do not go well! So I'm so pleased with how they turned out!!

Enjoy! (Oh I apologize I cannot get them any bigger off of my email on picasa yet!)

Now onto the the big birthday!

We started off the morning by getting Isaac up early instead of our usual Saturday morning sleep-in (so he would go down for a nap for sure and be in a decent mood for the party.) So Brock took Isaac on a Walmart trip to get him his bday gift, then took him to Burger King to treat Isaac to some french toast sticks! He scarfed those puppies down!

Here is the birthday boy in his Cars pj's and a full mouth! ha ha!

The cake! We did a Cars theme this year, and it went over very well! I loved how the cake turned out, especially since we bought Isaac an official Cars set, then used them for the cake that was cool:)

Gift table...

the "spread" We did Bruno's pizza and fruit/chocolate fountain, veggie pizza, cake and Chief ice cream! YUM!

The ever popular "Mack" truck we got him with his set. It was too huge to put onto the cake as planned, so we just gave it to him. That did not leave my son's hands the entire party! Not kidding!

Party guests....

Our immediate family came, the boys' amish sitter, and some close friends and their kids too! Great turn out of family and friends!

Here's cousin Lincoln & great Grandma Kropf...

...and Isaac's bud, the other Lincoln!

"Papaw" Maust(Brock's dad) & Isaac

Isaac's reaction to some of the new fun gifts he got! He loved this one with roller wheels down little wooden slides...cute old fashioned toy!

My cousin, Brandi holding onto Kahler, and Great Grandma Kropf with baby Kloie

Isaac needing Mack put back together...again! (this happened alot throughout the evening!)

more guests....

Isaac loved the cards from everybody! They were all cute and caught his attention a lot!

Had to get Kahler in the action! He kept chasing the purple balloon all over the place!

Kahler just loved all of the company! That boy was entertained all evening! Good thing he is a social bug! Him and cousin, Izzy were 2 peas in a pod together!

Cake Time! "Yeah I want to eat the frosting off of the cars" Yum:)

LOVin' the cupcake...well...mainly the frosting:)! & of course Mack truck still in his view the entire time!

Well into the sugar rush:) Goin' nuts over his new Dinoco car! The car was pretty went on its own after you shake it! Every time it ran into Isaac he's just laugh and was quite entertaining, especially watching Mike (Jess' hubby) play with him too:)

Welp...I think that's it! Thanks to all of you that made it to enjoy the party with us! Isaac had a great time celebrating turning 2!


Nichole said...

it is crazy that we are all going to have two year olds. WOW.

happy birthday Isaac.

~*Connie*~ said...

Happy Birthday Issac! Looks like ya all had a great time with family.

Nevaeh will be turning 2 next time flys huh!?!