Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Little Lady's 1st Haircut.....

The time had come for my baby girl to finally get her baby hairs trimmed away!  It was looking quite homely looking lately:) glad we got it done!  Thanks Brooke:)

Before-Back view....was sporting some shagginess-turning mullet!

 Brooke doing her magic:)  It was nice to have a kid that didn't scream through their entire haircut this tme ( cough...Kahler!...cough)  May didn't seem to mind it, even though the middle pic looks like she's a bit pouty;)  She did a great job!

ALL DONE!  Nice aiming by mommy, I know!  Hey it was hard holding her and taking a quick picture at the same time!

And how cool is this?!  She got a little certificate with her baby hair in it:)  Great keepsake for her book!

A couple AFTER pictures....front, side and back.  She's a moving target these days so pictures are not easy! ha ha!  But it looks SO much nicer and hopefully will grow out really well too!

And of course needed a Mommy and May picture....also not so easy!!

But we finally got one!:) 

Can't believe my baby is going to be a year and a half in one week! Wow!

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