Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hello 2012!

Good golly it's been a month since I've been on here!
Pretty much explains how our holidays went...but it was a good one!  I was actually really sad to see Christmas come and go so quickly, but we thoroughly enjoyed this season celebrating.
But Happy 2012!  I'll tune you in quickly on how we finished out the rest of 2011:)

Our annual Christmas picture:)

Isaac recieved a pretty amazing Christmas gift this year.  He was "anonomously" donated an I-pad.  We were at a loss for words at  the generosity of  this gift to help Isaac and his communication skills.  Isaac gave his daddy and I one amazing gift as well.  He actually went on stage at ths year's Christmas program (which he has never done before...it's always been too much for him).  As he comfortably went up there I watched through tears as he jumped and clapped to the music.  It was amazing.

My 2 big boys loving to sleep together lately.  Visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads on Christmas Eve:)

My sweet girl on Christmas Day.  When did she get so big?:(

 We rang in the new year starting out with dinner at Hana Yori's with our wonderful friends.....YUM!  Afterwards we stopped over at the Byng's to play games and watch the ball drop.

At the Byng's...CHEERS to 2012!!

That night was so much fun for us...relaxing with friends and no kids:)  We played a hilarious game, Quelf.  It's so worth getting if you haven't heard of it!  Oh and we can't forget about the pyramids...Ginger, where are those pictures?! LOL!

Christmas break was somewhat enjoyable.  I ended up working at a vet I've filled in for in the past to make a little extra cash, so that was nice.  Brock and I literally switched roles as he took on being a stay-at-home dad while I worked:)  We rewarded ourselves with 2 date nights over those 2 weeks:)

I must admit I was actually ready for school to get back into our routine again.  I really think Isaac was missing preschool:)  So now we can re-focus and get things rolling again after a crazy few weeks!

A couple new things for 2012 in our family that you'll see on the blog...and very recent new things I might add:)

I just signed up to be a distributor for ItWorks Global.  It's all natural products that work to detox your system.  All very good for your bod and I'm loving it!  In another post I'll talk about it a bit more but you'll get to see a lot of before/after pics of "headless" clients to see how awesome this stuff works! 

I'm also booking a few more future brides to do their wedding makeup too!  So between Mary Kay and this new business, I'm staying busy:)  I also combined the 2 products to make a sweet bridal package deal.  So hopefully you'll see more of "my work" coming from that:) 

Stay tuned! My little lady gets her 1st haircut tomorrow:(  I'll definitely have pictures! 

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Jewel said...

I love this post. I was chuckling @ the sleeping boys picture. Looks like Isaac is plucking the sugar plums out of Kahler's head! My what a big smiley cute girl you've got there! I LOVE Hanayori! It's my absolute favorite restaurant! Happy New Year to you too!